Let’s ViGO

So after months of stressing about it I was finally on my way to Vigo after having left my Dad in Newcastle Airport. Successfully made it through the airport and on to the plane without crying – that’s what i call growth – and completed the first leg of my journey.

After landing in Barcelona it turned out that as I didn’t have the boarding pass I would have to follow everyone getting their luggage and essentially check-in again and follow the process back through the airport, this is where the tears first came into play. Alone in the airport unable to find where you need to be made me cry to the woman on the help desk, unsurprisingly. Finally made my way to where I needed to be in the terminal and started to wander. I eventually found an outside area, seriously every airport needs an outdoor courtyard although I doubt it’d get too much use in the UK, where I had something to eat before making my way to where I had been informed my gate would be. Turned out there was no gate information and the expected time to receive any info seemed to get further and further away until the flight was delayed, the flight was ultimately over 3 hours late which is exactly what you don’t for a flight that was already not due to arrive until 22:30. I filled the time listening to Anna Faris’ and Dawn O’Porter’s podcasts – I’d recommend both especially Anna Faris’ with Jenny Slate, Chris Evans and her hub Chris Pratt. Thankfully Vigo airport was entirely uneventful, off plane, picked up suitcase, in taxi, to hotel, bed. 

That was Sunday; it’s now Friday, so how have I filled the past 5 days I hear you ask. The answer is unfortunately very little. I spent Monday exhausted, in the hotel, starting Stranger Things – so worth the hype – and napping. I wandered a little to find a supermarket to buy water and then somehow Monday was over.

Tuesday I had planned to view a room in a flat but awoke to a message saying the room was likely going to be filled by another girl. Arranged to view another room and after thinking I was good to find where it was I set off, turns out I hadn’t a clue. I spent 1hr30mins wandering around Vigo, asked 4 different people for directions before the roaming finally started working on my phone and I was able to find the flat. Unfortunately a girl had been to view the room half an hour previously and it was likely she was going to take it but the guy who was going to show me the room was going to meet some other auxiliares for lunch so I tagged along. There I met a few other auxiliares who had all been in Vigo for varying amount of time. It was also here I met Sienna, the girl I was originally going to view the room with, and Katie her flatmate. Eventually it turned out the girl who had been going to take room in Flat 1 had taken the room in Flat 2… After lunch I went with Katie and Sienna to view the room they still had which I have ultimately managed to rent. However after walking up and down the hills Vigo is built on, my left foot has essentially just given up and I am unable to walk unless it is essential. Damn Toms, damn feet. Not at all how I had planned to spend my first week in Vigo, but at least I have somewhere to live which is the most important thing. 

Next week I will have my first week at school so I’ll try and remember to keep this updated with how it all goes


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