Work? What Work?

So I ended my last blog post saying that it would be regular scheduling for a while. Turns out I was wrong. Wednesday was the Fiesta Nacional de España which meant that all the schools were closed, and Thursday was Sofia’s birthday. Unexpected free days and lots of fun!

When I published my last blog I was debating going out or not, in the end I did go out but it wasn’t for very long and Katie and I shared a bottle of wine – after our customary bottle of cava during Strictly.

Katie and I

It was nice to get out of the house but I think I would have enjoyed an early night just as much. The weather over the weekend was also surprisingly lovely so I spent a few hours on the balcony soaking up Vitamin D to store for winter and my hidden freckles all decided to pop up again probably for the final time this year.

On Monday morning it was back to school but it seems that everyone is slowly catching a cold which has been less than ideal this week. Fortunately it was a lovely day on Monday so while I was waiting for my bus from Panxón to Vigo I wandered further into the village and discovered that the bus is just a 2 minute walk. I spent the 40 minute wait sitting on a bench enjoying the sun and listening to the waves.


The good weather was short lived and by Tuesday it was raining and I spent the 40 minute wait for the bus talking shelter in a doorway. Can’t win them all! The highlight of my working week definitely took place on Tuesday though, with a class of 11 year olds singing 500 miles by the Proclaimers – very unexpected but unfortunately no Scottish accents.

As everyone was off on Wednesday, Tuesday night was wine night with a few of the other girls here – basic premise take a bottle of wine, drink it. I think everybody had a lovely night but there were quite a few soreheads on Wednesday.

We decided to spend Wednesday getting crepes as quite a few of us had been craving them for a while. Once I got there and realised that bacon sandwiches were on the menu I very quickly changed my mind. If I need a bacon sandwich in the future I’ll definitely be returning to La Terraza; half a baguette, crispy bacon – winner. After seeing everybody eating there crepes I decided to try one but honestly was disappointed – maybe it was my filling choice of chocolate instead of Nutella, maybe the fact that they had put orange flavouring in the batter that overpowered everything.

On Thursday it was back to school for a fairly uneventful few classes before returning to Vigo to start Sofia’s birthday celebrations! Once Sofia was back from school Sienna and I walked to her flat before heading down to Principe for birthday waffles that Sofia has been raving about since I met her – sugar crusted and topped with Nutella and they did not disappoint. We then walked back up to Sofia and Cinthia’s flat to meet up with Katie and Cinthia where Cinthia surprised Sofia with a birthday baguette with candles in as she doesn’t like cake, but it turned out the candles were the trick candles that won’t blow out.

Sofia and her birthday bread

We also drank mimosas (buck’s fizz) – Treat Yo Self – and wine before heading to the Concept for tea which is just across the road from their flat. Glorious evening to celebrate the birthday of a glorious gal.

On Friday I had a few more admin things to sort out with the bank so walked there before heading back to the flat and watching TV and having a nap. I then met up with Sofia and Cinthia and the plan was to do a little shopping and then watch the sunrise over the port. However by the time we left the flat it was getting late which left us with very little time to shop and it was beginning to rain which meant that by the time we made it to the port there was very little to see.

The port is still very pretty and we all decided that we’d quite like to have a boat – cue googling “rent a boat in Vigo” for a nicer day. We wandered around for a little while before deciding really it was time for a drink so we stopped at a place for a cocktail – I went for a mandarin mojito and it was way too sweet and I couldn’t really taste the alcohol in it, bummer! We then walked towards to area where there is currently a tapas competition where the idea is to visit the 40 places taking part and try their tapas and get a stamp on a sheet. We had a drink and I had some chips while Sofia and Cinthia tried the tapas before we were joined by some other auxiliares. We had another drink before Cinthia and I set off for home at the relatively early time of 11.20.

Today I need to alter a presentation to test how well one of my classes was paying attention and do some food shopping. This evening’s plans will definitely involve Strictly but I may be persuading more people to watch it, and it will also definitely include Cava!




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