These are a few of my favourite things

This is not my regular weekly update blog. That will still be posted on Saturday/Strictly Day as normal. After spending days watching videos and trawling through websites looking for ideas for my presentation on Bonfire Night over the weekend I began to realise I am actually feeling a little homesick. It all seemed to happen very quickly, one minute I was fine, the next I saw a picture for November on Instagram with a little drawing for Bonfire Night and I realised that I would not be spending it in England. There’s something about Bonfire Night and autumn in England in general that I just love. Maybe I’m idealising it as I’m not able to experience it this year and it’s still roasting during the days here so unlike when I lived in La Rioja I feel like autumn is almost non-existent this year. Last night as I was trying to sleep I began thinking of all the little things that I don’t fully appreciate at the time but as soon as I’m away from home, they’re the things I miss first. This is essentially just a list of those things as I wrote them down so I was able to actually get some sleep last night.

  • My Dad’s Sunday dinner – this is a big one as it brings with it both family and the best comfort food on the planet, gravy.
  • Drives in the Northumbrian countryside with my Mam – generally hand in hand with singing Dolly Parton.
  • Cosy nights in with the fire burning and a big glass of wine in my hand – at least I still have the wine.
  • On car trips when my Dad looks in the rear view mirror, gives me a big grin and asks if I’m ok – this is generally followed by “Do you want a mint?”
  • Shopping trips with my Mam – for clothes
  • Shopping trips with my Dad – for food
  • When Roisin comes home for a few days and we inevitably have an argument within the first hour of her being home but then spend the entire evening chatting till one of us falls asleep
  • Re-watching Parks and Recreation with Niall – thanks Dave
  • Watching my Grandma wave till we’re at the end of the street after any time we’ve been to visit.
  • Big cuddles from tiny people – these are becoming rarer as the boys are all getting too cool for cuddles and Olivia is still not overly enamoured with me but hopefully new baby Dwyer will be hug lover
  • Watching rom-coms I’ve seen hundreds of times with my Mam

And on that note, I’m going to snuggle back into bed and watch While You Were Sleeping.


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