Going Solo

Last Saturday I had my first evening in the flat solo. Katie was in Madrid with her boyfriend, Sienna was visiting a friend in A Coruña and Leyre was at her boyfriend’s house. This didn’t change my Saturday night plans though which went ahead as normal. Gin and Strictly really are a perfect combination. After Strictly I decided to start watching the Addams Family. I had originally intended to watch the Addams Family Values which I love – Joan Cusack is glorious – but after having a look into it I realised I’d never actually seen the first one. Not sure how that had happened but it was quickly rectified before I fell asleep.

I began my Sunday being uncharacteristically productive; I tidied my room, did a load of washing, three trips to the bins with all the plastic bottles and rubbish that had begun piling up, changed the sheets on my bed and then cleaned the kitchen. All before 12 o’clock. However, that was the end of my productivity and I began to just lounge again. The sun was shining so after putting the washing on the balcony I sat in the sun and soaked up some rays.

Our balcony

On Sunday evening I sat down to watch Me Before You, prepared with tissues and a glass of wine in hand and sobbed for just about the entire film. It has to be the one of the best adapted films I’ve seen, almost every detail was exactly as expected after reading the book. Perfect.

My bank holiday days off were fairly chilled out. I made my way through my favourite Halloween films – Casper, Addams Family Values, Beetlejuice and of course, Hocus Pocus, the best Halloween film to grace the planet. I also had to make a few presentations for school as the teacher I work with for ESO was off all this week which meant I spent hours trawling through videos and teaching related websites looking for something exciting to put in my presentation on Guy Fawkes/Bonfire Night. In case anyone was wondering this was the best I found but thought it may be a little difficult to understand. I do still have the older students next week so I may show them it and see how it goes down. The classes themselves did not go as well as I’d hoped as there wasn’t a computer in any of the classes so I had to come up with something once in the class that they would understand and wouldn’t be too dull. The smaller classes were definitely easier to get interested in doing something but you learn from your mistakes and I know for next time it’s definitely better to have a backup option that doesn’t require a computer.

Wednesday evening brought with it the 5th Crepe-nesday since we arrived. I made the mixture and then took it to Sofia and Cinthia’s where we enjoyed crepes with Milka chocolate and Nutella – amazing. Next Crepe-nesday my Mam and Dad will be here and I’m still not sure of the plan but crepes will happen!

On Wednesday and Thursday I was hit by a pang of homesickness which I got through by writing about the little things I miss from home and watching While You Were Sleeping. Read the post here

Fridays I have off and I was already ready for it even after only working for 2 days. Katie and I went to Carrefour where we stocked up on shopping and also managed to find some croissants that actually taste like proper croissants. No more bread-like imposters for us. Once back at the flat we were both feeling a little bleugh so decided a binge watching day was in order. We started by watching The Crown on Netflix – we’re still not entirely convinced, I feel like it’s missing something that you get from a BBC/ITV period drama but we’re going to try a few more episodes and see how it goes.  On one of the breaks between episodes we went into the kitchen where Leyre was cooking handmade croquettas that her boyfriend’s mother had given her. She gave us some to try and they were excellent – definitely one of the best I’ve ever had. We then watched Two Weeks Notice as neither Katie nor Sienna had ever seen it – I don’t know how either Mam, and for anyone else who hasn’t seen it; Sandra Bullock, Hugh Grant, she’s a politically minded, environmentalist, lawyer, he’s a millionaire mogul, it’s glorious. Sienna went out to meet some friends and Katie and I began to make tea. Katie and I then decided the best thing to do would be to head out for a drink, so we got changed, made ourselves look presentable and went to Las Vegas – the bar right next to our building.

We each had 3 glasses of wine, 4.50 each but also got 2 bowls of crisps, a bowl of snack mix, jamon sandwiches, toasted ham and cheese sandwiches and a plate of chorizo and breadstick type biscuits. Love Spain.

Which brings us to this morning again; Katie and I have had our fill of croissants, I’ve watched Saturday Kitchen and the weeks are flying. Katie and I are going to walk to Lidl to see if they have Gluhwein ready for when the weather chills down, then it’ll be time for Strictly with this beautiful looking bottle of Cava.


Next week my Mam and Dad will be visiting which should hopefully fill this blog with more exciting things than “we found good croissants!”


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