Parental Supervision Advised

Just after publishing my last blog I set off to Lidl in search of gluhwein with Katie. Lidl is a half an hour walk up and down hill, as everything is in Vigo, so this was no ordinary grocery shop trip. So imagine my disappointment, after having had to run the last little bit as the heavens opened, to find that they had no gluhwein. Gutted doesn’t even cover it. I walked there dreaming of a big mug of warm spiced wine and left with my dreams shattered. I did, however, leave with a kinder advent calendar so at least it wasn’t a complete disaster. On our return to the flat, Katie and I cosied back up to watch more of The Crown – definitely getting better – before I began to make my tea and Sofia arrived. The 3 of us spent the evening drinking wine, eating pasta and listening to music throwbacks – Hits of 2008 playlist on youtube is full of nostalgia filled feels – and had an absolutely glorious evening.

I spent my Sunday the way I seem to spend every Sunday here, watching TV and drinking enough cups of mint tea to drown a small child. As I had no classes to prepare for during the week this meant that there was even more time for catching up on Strictly and watching films. While Katie was at the gym I finally got round to planning my trip home for Christmas. First flight and train tickets bought and just the in between planning and flight back to Vigo to sort out which was excellent. On Monday I left the flat with the sun shining through the windows but outside I quickly realised the sun was not doing much at all and for one of the first times here I actually felt the cold. Autumn has finally arrived in Vigo. Monday was uneventful as they usually are, I had my morning of classes then decided to go for a walk by the beach and have a cup of tea before returning to school for my final class.

Tuesday was much the same until I finished school. I had intended to get the bus back as normal and walk to where my parents would be staying but they surprised me by coming to pick me up from school which meant I didn’t have to stand in the cold for 45 minutes waiting for my bus. We drove back to Vigo where they checked in to their hotel before we went for some lunch. We stopped in at the first café we came to as my parents hadn’t eaten since their breakfast in Manchester airport 6 hours previously. After lunch I unfortunately had to walk back to my flat to make a presentation on Remembrance Day that one of the teachers had asked me to prepare that day for Thursday. I spent a few hours back in the flat making what I think is a pretty good presentation before I began the 25 minute walk down to a bar where they were having some drinks.


In the end I decided against climbing up Gran Via for the 2nd time in one day, and as it was chucking it down, and I got a taxi back.

Wednesdays are my quiet days, only 2 hours of classes and I finish at 11.30 so we decided that my Mam and Dad would collect me from school and we would drive straight to Santiago. My Mam and Dad have both wanted to visit Santiago since they watched The Way – directed by Emilio Estevez and starring Martin Sheen, worth a watch – and became interested in el Camino. There are currently works being done on the Cathedral but Pastora – the teacher who drives me to school Tuesday till Thursday – had said it was still definitely worth going to see now. She wasn’t wrong but it would definitely be more impressive without all the scaffolding inside and out so hopefully they’ve finished before I’m due to leave.

We decided to get the museum tickets which allow you to visit a lot more but in retrospect I don’t think they were necessary and the Cathedral is impressive enough. After walking around the Cathedral we stopped in at a restaurant just down the steps from the square from some lunch. You could tell it was a family run restaurant and we went all went for the menú del día – Mam and I had salad and a pork chop and my Dad went for an omelette and fish which he said was lovely but was FULL of bones. We did however make the mistake of ordering fruit as one of the desserts and were served an apple, on a plate, with a knife – definitely not as good as the tarta de Santiago. We returned to Vigo where I unpacked all the things my parents had brought over for me – hello peanut butter – before I walked down to their hotel for a pre crepe-nesday drink. This week Katie’s parents were also in Vigo so it was very much a ‘bring your parents to Crepe-nesday’ kind of thing. It was glorious.

Crepes were eaten, wine was drunk, pictures were drawn and an excellent time was had by everyone.

On Thursday the teacher I work with in secondary let me leave after my first 2 classes as my 3rd class were just going to be taking an exam. This meant that I finished at 10.40 which was excellent. Our plan was to head to Baiona and go for a walk around but my Mam wasn’t feeling too well so this turned into a drive down the coast


and along to Tui where my parents would be staying on Friday evening. The drive down is absolutely beautiful even with grey clouds and mist. Once back in Vigo we went to Mercadona – once we finally manged to take the right turn and get into the car park – after which I now have enough shopping to see me through the next few weeks. The plan was to have lunch at my flat which started to look like it wasn’t going to happen as my Dad wasn’t able to park, but just as they drove away – with their sandwiches wrapped in foil – a car pulled out so after driving around the street again they managed to park and we ate lunch together. After lunch they drove back to their hotel and I took a nap before I walked down to their hotel to meet them before tea. We walked up to the Concept – the place we went to for Sofia’s birthday – and drank lots of wine/beer, ate lots of food – my Dad went for an entire tortilla and croquettas – and then were given little bottles of coffee liqueur and baileys to finish our meal.

I then met up with some of the other auxiliares and headed back to one of their flats where we watched a DisneyNature documentary on bears. Wasn’t the best and I left just before 12 and walked back to the flat.

Friday was my parents’ final day in Vigo so I walked to their hotel and joined them for breakfast. After a leisurely start to the morning we began driving to Tui – down the coast again


– as my Dad wanted to have a look around. Unfortunately the Cathedral closed for 3 hours just after we arrived so we had a wander around before having lunch at their hotel. After lunch they drove me back to Vigo where we said our goodbyes and I went to meet Katie at Sofia and Cinthia’s.  The emotions hit after I walked in their door and after a little cry we chatted for a while before we walked back to ours. After Katie and Leyre had been the gym, and I’d had my first taste of peanut butter in 7 weeks, Katie and I watched an episode of The Crown before going to sleep. I felt exhausted and fell asleep the second my head hit the pillow.

That brings us to Saturday, once again, after a slightly more exciting week. This post is late and I wish I could say it’s because I’ve been so busy today but I’ve spent the day in my pyjamas, binge- watching more episodes of The Crown and eating peanut butter. I think a lot of people are heading out tonight but honestly I think I’ll be drinking more cups of proper loose leaf mint tea and catching up on Strictly.


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