I woke up on Sunday feeling fresher and ready to start with everything I’d been meaning to do earlier in the weekend. I changed my sheets, cleaned my room, cleaned the kitchen and finally felt normal again. I then made plans to go to Baiona with Sofia, Katie Cav and Jen – we had intended to go on Saturday but there was no way any of us were travelling any further than our respective flats. We got the bus at 2 and were there by 3, the bus is actually the same one I would get if I wasn’t able to get a lift with a teacher and it travels through Panxón so it was lovely to show the girls where I teach. We arrived in Baiona and had a little walk through the town – maybe a village, I’m not 100% sure – which is essentially a few streets of restaurants and shops and then the harbour. We had some lunch and then walked to the castle walls which surround the Parador. It was just as we reached it that it began to rain, and didn’t stop till we were walking away from it again. At one point the rain was coming towards us sideways and the waves got rougher against the rocks so we took shelter in a little turret till it calmed down again.


The one upside was that because we were cursed with rain, when the sun started to show its face, we were blessed with a rainbow.

There are some spectacular views from the castle walls and I realised that directly opposite is Panxón, so when I sit and drink tea on my breaks I’m looking at Baiona. We ended the trip with a waffle and then took the bus back to Vigo. I watched some TV, chatted with Katie about her trip when she arrived back and then went to bed.

Monday and Tuesday were fairly standard days at school; I helped with classes, I drank tea during my breaks and I wandered around Panxón a little. The weather has definitely taken a drop. It is by no means as cold as home but we’ve reached the point where coats are necessary and gloves are advised. Autumn is here. On Tuesday I was also asked to make a presentation on Christmas for some of my classes, which meant that by Wednesday the Christmas mood had hit and I was playing “All I Want for Christmas Is You” and “Carol of the Bells” at top volume. I also spent a large amount of time looking through old photos for some to use for the presentation. This one was definitely a favourite with children who got the presentation on Thursday.


Wednesday was also, yep, Crepe-nesday. The 8th Crepe-nesday since we arrived in Vigo. We invited a few other girls to join us and decided to go to La Terraza as everybody was busy till later on. The best thing we all had tea and they have 2 cup teapots which I have been saying are a serious miss here, 1 little cup is never enough tea. We talked for a while then we all headed home to sleep, crepes are tiring work.

On Thursday there was another student strike. Pastora, the teacher who drives me to school Tuesday – Thursday had said it would only be 3rd and 4th ESO but again more students were out than expected. Everybody but one was in my primary class but the majority of ESO students had taken the day off which meant the day felt slower than usual but at least there were less students to be chatty. I left school and had to make something for my first Thanksgiving. I had originally intended to make pumpkin bread but after El Corte Ingles came up short on the canned pumpkin – and there was no way I was going to the Port in the torrential rain – so I decided to make a chocolate cake. After half an hour, I lifted it out thinking it was cooked but it sank almost as soon as I’d placed it on the top. I put it down as a loss and went to nap, shower and get dressed. On returning to the kitchen where I had intended to melt chocolate for the top of the cake I realised the cake actually wasn’t cooked. The inside was raw. I put it back in the oven for a further 15 minutes and lifted it out as I didn’t want to burn the top. I could tell it still wasn’t cooked on the inside but I took it anyway, Katie saying even if it’s bad, at least it’s a conversation starter. Katie and I walked to Eric’s where the Thanksgiving was being held. The idea was everybody bring a dish, leave with a stomach full of food and love.


It went off fairly well – most of the food a little too sweet for me, carrots with brown sugar and cinnamon is not a winner for me – and surprisingly everybody loved the cake. It also was a great opportunity to make me think about what I am thankful for; for my great family, excellent friends – old and new, and for the opportunities I am so fortunate to have in life.

Friday was the ultimate lazy day. Gilmore Girls was on Netflix so I started my day with peanut butter on toast and the “Winter” episode. Katie needed to go to the bank and pick something up from the post office so I waked with her to get some fresh air. Once back in the flat we started on a One Tree Hill binge – I’ve started re-watching from the beginning as I’m sure there are big chunks I’ve missed but it still blows Katie’s mind that I was watching the 3rd series in 2005 and falling in love with it all when it was originally being shown. While she went to the gym I watched the “Spring” episode of Gilmore Girls but once she was back and we’d both had tea, it was straight back to OTH.

This morning I woke up with intention of watching the “Summer” episode then writing this blog before going back to watch “Fall”. That definitely didn’t happen. And now I’m just sat here, still a little shell-shocked, honestly. I need more episodes; I almost refuse to believe that they’re going to end it like THAT. This evening the plan is to go out for drinks and churros with Katie and a few other auxiliares but I have some song and poem searching for my classes to do before that, so wish me luck.


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