Catching a Cold in the Sunshine

This is the beginning of the inevitable “I have done very little to write about” blog post. It’s the post I’ve been dreading writing since I started this at the beginning of October, but I made a promise to myself that I would do this every week or I would end up just putting it off all the time, so here we go.

Those who know me know I’m not the biggest socialiser; I like spending time alone, I enjoy the silence. Quite often I crave it when I’m spending time in big groups. However since I arrived in Spain I have been spending a lot more time socialising, generally low key- a few glasses of wine obviously – which has fuelled this blog. This week, however, I’ve caught a cold and a lot of people are away for a long weekend which has led to a serious dip in leaving the flat – not to say that I’ve been a recluse. Crepe-nesday still went ahead as normal but as Katie has gone to visit her boyfriend in France it was only Sofia and I. We ate crepes and we chatted for a little but it didn’t last as long as usual as Sofia had some stuff to sort out before she left for Munich on Thursday to do her LSAT.

The weather this week has also continued to be lovely, which makes the cold that little harder to bear. It also means that it does not feel at all like December, I’m almost looking forward to that stinging cold as I touch down in Manchester, but I know I’ll regret saying that as soon as I actually feel it. My cold has also meant that I have been drinking a lot of – yep you guessed it – cups of mint tea and the minty morocco tea I have which is cinnamon and mint and is an absolute delight. We’re also at that stage in December where I don’t want to start on all the really Christmas films yet as it’s still a little early so I’ve been working my way through films that are set at Christmas but you can watch all year round – got to ease into films like The Santa Clause – like While You Were Sleeping, Serendipity and The Family Stone. I’ve also started watching One Tree Hill again from the beginning which has brought with it all the nostalgic feels.

On Friday I forced myself out of the flat and went to the shopping centre where I decided to treat myself to a glorious stamp and ink pad,


a new nail varnish and managed to find innocent smoothie which has been going down a treat. Later in the evening I went round to Jen and Katie Cav’s flat with Aisling where we made some excellent mulled wine and watched The Holiday – for the second time in a few months.

Exactly the kind of evening I needed.

This morning I’ve woken up feeling just as gross as yesterday so I watched Rise of the Guardians – which is seriously underrated – before forcing myself to tidy my room. Since then I have continued the One Tree Hill binge fest which I plan to continue until it’s time for Strictly – it’s musical week – and an early night. Hopefully next week’s post will have a little more content as school is closed Tuesday and Thursday for different holidays, but we shall have to wait and see.


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