Sunshine and Christmas Spirit

Last Sunday I woke up feeling a lot better and spent the day organising my life and then relaxing. I had my first bath in months, watched a little TV and read on our balcony.


This week it has been between 18 and 20˚C every day and it has been glorious. I’ve been reading Little Women as I’ve had it on kindle since I originally got it nearly 3 years ago but have never gotten round to reading it so figured this is the perfect opportunity – it took about 100 pages to get into but I’m really enjoying it now. The sunshine has also been excellent for my freckles which have all become more prominent again for the first winter in my life.


The sunshine has been made even better by the fact I only worked 2 days this week – Tuesday was the Day of the Constitution and Thursday was the Day of Immaculate Conception – so I’ve had plenty of time to enjoy it which is nice as I missed just about every warm day at home over the summer due to work. Despite the sunshine, we’ve also been trying to get in to the Christmas Spirit which led to Katie and I singing Christmas carols very loudly for most of the day on Tuesday, even while walking to Katie Cav, Jen and Ingrid’s flat where a group of 9 of us watched Love Actually.

Wednesday was my second and last day of work for the week and consisted of giving my Christmas presentation to one class and spent the next looking for more poems while the class did an exam. So by 11.30 on Wednesday my working week was over.


However I wasn’t feeling 100% so I came home and very quickly was asleep which then turned into a 2 hour nap. As none of us had to work on Thursday Crepe-nesday was a little boozier than usual. We decided to go to La Terraza where they unfortunately only had enough Nutella for one crepe which we let Sofia have which meant Katie and I had chocolate which doesn’t disguise the orange flavour they put in the batter as well as the Nutella does. After a few glasses of wine to wash it all down, Katie and I returned to our flat where we watched an episode of One Tree Hill before swiftly falling asleep.

I had a very chilled morning on Thursday before I walked to Sofia’s where she made me lunch. We then took the bus to Santiago where Sofia wanted to go to Primark to do a little Christmas shopping and I just wanted something to do on my day off. We arrived in Santiago a little before 5 and decided to go straight to the Cathedral before it got too dark. As it was a bank holiday, the city was very busy and there were lots of people milling around.

We had a little walk around the Cathedral before walking to the plaza in front where we also watched the sunset. It was quickly decided that after that it was time for a drink so we went to a little café/bar we had walked past on our way to the Cathedral. I went for a ginger and vodka based cocktail that was a delight while Sofia had a Café Bombon – coffee and condensed milk – that she had wanted for a while.

After our refreshements we walked back up past the bus station to the shopping centre where Primark is. It was hectic – as Primark always is if you’re not there in the first half hour of it opening – and after a lot of indecision over some scarves for Sofia, we managed to make it out alive and caught the 8.15 bus back to Vigo.

On Friday I woke up and decided to go to Carrefour for a few things I’ve been struggling to find in Eroski and then spent rest of the day catching up on some TV before getting getting ready to go out for a drink with Jen and Ingrid. We had a walk along Calle Principe to look at the Christmas lights

before heading to Casco Vello for some food – guacamole, chicken strips and Guinness cake – and a few glasses of wine.

I’ve spent this morning watching Saturday Kitchen – drooling over honey bacon and pulled pork – and trying to motivate myself to make a presentation comparing the 1990s to present day for one of my classes next week. I’ll then be spending the evening with Jen and Ingrid again watching a Christmas film and hopefully drinking some mulled wine.


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