Last “Full” School Week and Ruthless Christmas Traditions

After my last blog was posted my intention was to do anything productive so I would feel I had achieved something. This didn’t happen and I proceeded to watch OTH right up until the minute that strictly started – still can’t get over how beautiful Danny’s dance was, I’ve watched it 6 times and continue to cry every time. As soon as it was finished I walked to Jen and Ingrid’s where we watched Home Alone with mulled wine and popcorn. You know you’ve found good friends when you walk through the door and are greeted with “I’ve given you the biggest cup because I know how much you love it”. And I made it home just before 12 so all in all an excellent night.

I woke up on Sunday feeling a little groggy so I spent the day in bed crying at One Tree Hill – With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept – until Katie returned and we continued to binge together.

Monday was the beginning of my last “full” week – I was in everyday but there have no end of disruption to classes because of exams and I finished early every day, and also when is my week ever really full?  The classes seemed to pass quicker than normal and pretty soon I was back at home finishing the presentation I has intended to do over the weekend. After finishing I decided to catch up on some TV and by chance once Gogglebox was finished and I had put it back to normal TV, Escape to the Country was just beginning in Co Durham. They visited Beamish Museum and drank Durham Gin and ultimately made me feel a little homesick. Once Katie was back from her private class we settled down to continue with OTH – psycho Derek storyline = all the anxiety.

Tuesday I did my morning classes and was able to leave school at 11.30 so once I was back in Vigo, Katie and I went to get our Secret Santa presents for a party at Ingrid, Jen, Katie Cav and Stacie’s flat on Thursday. We went to Tiger – best way to describe it is like all of the weird stuff from Ikea in one shop but even more joyous. I could have spent hours in there but we left after an hour with our secret Santa presents, confetti cannons, bubbles, popping candy, candles, biscuit cutters and ground ginger. Once back in the flat I started searching for something to show my 4th ESO class next week which ended up with me just sitting watching The Vicar of Dibley and French and Saunders. Later Nuria, our landlady, came to collect our rent and left us with a load of Christmas treats – turrón, polvorones, mazapán… – for us all to try.



On Wednesday I got up and left the flat as normal. Once outside I realised for the first time in weeks I had forgotten to check the weather. It had been raining and the temperature had definitely taken a turn. Luckily the rain hit once I was in the car and stayed away once I left the school so I managed to make it through the day without resembling a drowned rat. Once home I started making the gingerbread for the party on Thursday while blasting Now That’s What I Call Christmas. We had planned to go to a new place in Casco Vello for Crepe-nesday this week but after discovering it doesn’t open till 8 – and it doesn’t look like they do Nutella – we decided to go to Creperie Bretonne instead. I went for a chocolate and coconut crepe which was a delight and we all had a glass of wine.


What made it even better was that it went down as Menu Merienda – even though Katie and I had had more than one filling – so we each had a crepe and a glass of wine for €3.90. Winner.

On Thursday I had to get the bus to school as Pastora was going in a little later so I was ut of the flat by 7.45. Fortunately Katie Cav was also getting the bus to her school so we chatted before our buses arrived. I arrived in Panxón just after 8.30 so decided to go for a little walk before heading into the school. And what a walk it was. I got to watch the sunrise from the beach which was glorious.

I’m normally in school till 1.40 but my last class had an exam so I was able to go at 10.40. I was back in Vigo by 12 and after picking up a few things for baking I started making the gingerbread biscuits.

I also made a chocolate cake as I had so much free time.


I napped, I showered, I got dressed and then we headed over to their flat. It was called a White Elephant Christmas Party which Katie and I assumed was just a different name for Secret Santa. We were wrong. Everyone picks a number from a hat and in order you choose a present and unwrap it. The next person can then choose a present from the pile, or steal one from someone else if they prefer it. Brutal. I got some handmade turrón, which I haven’t tried yet, and a mug. I think most people were pretty happy with what they got in the end but there were quite a few steals.


My present of a colouring book and pencils went down well as it was chosen by Katie Cav who flew home on Friday so it kept her entertained on a long ass flight. Mulled wine was flowing all evening and everybody had a glorious time.

I woke up on Friday feeling a little hungover after the vodka mulled wine that had come out at the end of the evening so I spent the entire day watching Christmas films; Arther Christmas, The Grinch and Nativity! – it’s one of my favourites, Martin Freeman is an absolute dream.

Today my only solid plan is to watch the Strictly final this evening with some wine. We may head out after but nothing has been decided yet. The next time I update my blog it will be Christmas Eve, I will be at home and wrapping presents. Can NOT wait!


3 thoughts on “Last “Full” School Week and Ruthless Christmas Traditions

  1. Brilliant Erin. Hope you’re not thinking of the white elephant bit here, maybe an idea for next year though. Lovely photos and can’t wait to see you on Friday

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That puts a new slant on ‘The Elephant in the room’! We could do that with Christmas dinner, I prefer your heal of crackling so can steal it!!
    Happy Christmas everyone


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