Will 2017 Rise to the Occasion

New Years Eve went down just as expected. We spent the day watching Drunk History before getting dressed and getting drunk. I drank most of a bottle of Durham Gin Winter Fruit Cup while Briony and Else made it through nearly 3/4 of a 1l bottle of Bombay Sapphire. We were drunk. We played Rotten Apples – like Cards Against Humanity but not quite as brutal – and some wolf game that I only half remember.


We saw in the New Year with prosecco while singing along to Robbie Williams – joyous. It was then decided that we’d go out to a club where somebody had written “what is this place?” on the bathroom door which pretty much summed it up. I also found a message I’d sent to Roisin in the morning which simply said “The walls are sweating, I want to go home” – not the Juan.

We all woke in the morning feeling dreadful, unsurprisingly. I made it downstairs to the couch at about 11 and that is where I stayed till it was time for bed. Briony and Vicky made an excellent breakfast which I inhaled before having to lie back down again and watch TV for the rest of the day. Sony TV channel came through with excellent films – Matilda followed by Jumanji- before we ordered Chinese and watched Hercules. Vicky went to bed early while we stayed up to watch Sherlock – “byeeeee” – and then ended up watching Geordie Shore before we headed to bed. Else and I struggled to sleep so lay for a while laughing at the disaster that was 2016.

On Monday Else and I got up, showered and packed ready to head home. After some breakfast and cups of tea we set off for the station where we both managed to gets hugs off Briony before she left us to get our trains. My train was before Else’s so she waited with me and we ended our festive time together with a proper Erin and Else hug – cuddles are glorious and should be given generously. I spent the train journey watching more Black Books after a disaster with an M&S wrap – Caesar sauce on my scarf and then managed to put my arm in it, soz to the guy who was sat next to me. My Dad picked me up from the station and we went home to watch TV in front of the fire.

I spent most of Tuesday catching up on Planet Earth before booking flights to New York in June to visit Cat who I lived with when I was in La Rioja in 2013/14. I then got ready and headed to town to meet Hannah for tea. We went to George’s Kitchen which was glorious – chicken in a basket followed by doughnuts and candy floss-

and had an excellent catch up. I also put a black and white film into Boots that I had started over the summer in Ireland and finished on NYE – something about film will never get old for me, beautiful photos and the excitement of waiting for them to be developed.

I woke up on Wednesday and after watching half a series of This Is Us – excellent series with Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore in, definitely worth a watch – I used up the sausages my Dad had bought especially for me and made a big batch of sausage rolls, some with a caramelised red onion chutney in – joyous. When my Mam arrived back in from work we settled down to watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 followed by Call the Midwife – absolute emotional rollercoaster as it always is. After tea I went to Emma’s for a proper catch up over a Bailey’s which was a delight.

On Thursday I had to go to the dentist – very good oral hygiene, props to the electric toothbrush. Karen picked me up after and we went straight to the cinema to see Moana – absolutely glorious film, heartwarming, emotional and excellent songs – and had some lunch before meeting Gordon and heading home. Mam and I then went to say goodbye to Grandma, Auntie Mitzi and cousins before we went to the New Plough for tea. I went for belly pork with chips, roast carrots and parsnips and gravy


– glorious last meal at home. Mam and I the finished the evening by finishing a bottle of Baileys while watching Erin Brockovich.

I woke up on Friday with my nervous travel tummy in full flow and after getting dressed my Mam took me to the train station. My train was fortunately very empty and pretty quiet meaning that I spent the majority of it dozing and listening to Jack Savoretti. I had originally planned to get a train and bus across Liverpool but as I wasn’t feeling 100% I went with a taxi instead to take away some of the nerves. I arrived at the airport in good time, got through security, had some lunch and headed to the gate. We were ushered onto the plane quite quickly and I was moved into the emergency exit row so gained a load more leg room. We were then told the flight was going to be delayed due to a technical issue with the stairs – at one point they told us it was going to be delayed further as the technician was coming from Manchester. Fortunately we were only delayed for an hour and the flight passed quite quickly as I read Little Women and listening to the Moana soundtrack.


I arrived not long after 5 and after a mare with the E-Passport reader, I was able to collect my bag and wait for my bus. The bus arrived late and packed but luckily as I had bought my ticket in advance I was one of the first on the bus at the airport and was one of very few who managed to spend the entire trip with two seats to myself. I arrived back in Vigo on time at half 9, jumped in a taxi and after inhaling some noodles and soy sauce I went to sleep.

I woke up this morning still a little achy but unpacked my bag and went to Eroski for a few bits. I tidied my room and then have proceeded to spend the entire day in bed watching Big Fat Quiz of the Everything and Twister – I am my father’s daughter – until Katie messaged a little while ago asking me to pop back to Eroski so she has some food in when she gets back late this evening. The last two weeks have flown and I can’t believe it’s back to school on Monday and that I only have 5 months left in Vigo. Here’s to filling them with excellent experiences with glorious people.


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