New Year, More Wine. 

I spent the rest of Saturday in bed watching TV until Katie arrived back from the airport and we chatted about our Christmas before heading to bed for an early night – which neither of us had in the end, trying to get used to our tiny, uncomfortable beds here again. I woke up on Sunday feeling physically exhausted so proceeded to spend the day watching Black Books and listening to Roald Dahl’s Magic Finger – straight back to my weekend routine. I also decided to make a mince and onion pie on Sunday evening as I was already missing gravy –


it was a delight and definitely improved my Sunday.
Monday morning meant back to school and the end of the Christmas holidays and to make it worse I woke up with a pain across my back similar to when I had shingles over the summer which was far from ideal for my first day back. Luckily by Tuesday evening the pain had disappeared so I think my body was just having a downer 48 hours. School has been pretty uneventful, the students have discussed their Christmas and we watched the second half of Home Alone – not a bad first week back. On my breaks I normally head to a cafe on the promenade for a cup of tea but it’s been closed this week for refurbishment so I decided to try the place next door and was pleased to find out that their mint tea is a proper loose leaf mint tea – and it comes with churros YASS.

Wednesday also saw the return of crêpe-nesday and we decided to head back to Creperie Bretonne for their €3.90 crepe and a drink deal. We all enjoyed excellent crepes and were able to catch up with Sofia about her Christmas – glorious 1st crêpe-nesday of 2017.

I also finished my first book of 2017 on Thursday after getting to the end of Little Women -disappointed at the end but I do still want to watch the film version. Katie travelled back home early on Thursday morning for a friends birthday so once I finished school I headed home and started watching The Office – I’ve watched nearly 2 series over the past 3 days and I am still loving it.

On Friday I got up feeling quite productive and went to the bank to sort out a few things before going to Carrefour to buy the things I can’t find in Eroski. Once back in the flat my productivity very quickly disappeared. Yesterday evening we all went out to celebrate Katie Cav’s birthday to an Italian restaurant in Casco Vello where for large groups they do a deal where you pay €12 and they will keep bringing pizza, pasta and wine until everybody has had enough – an absolute delight.

We went out for a few drinks afterwards meaning that I’ve woken up today feeling a little rough and have generally been procrastinating every single thing I have to do this weekend. The plan for this evening is to head out again but I don’t know how long I’ll realistically last but I intend to make a cake so even if I duck out early I’ve contributed a – hopefully – good chocolate cake.


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