Comfort Food and Heartwarming Films

In the end I made the chocolate cake and it went down a treat once I got to Katie Cav’s. I was feeling very tired when I got to their flat but after a cup of tea and a bottle of wine I was ready to go out.


The night was good but after arriving home at 6am – having left early – Sunday was then spent much the same as Saturday had been. I planned my classes for Monday and then watched an entire series of the Office from my bed.

By the time I arrived back from school I was feeling very tired but spent the evening making a presentation about how I’d spent my Christmas for 5th and 6th Primary. I also started reading another book which has had me hooked since the 3rd chapter.

On Wednesday the temperature took a serious drop – on Tuesday it was 20C at lunchtime and dropped to 6C – meaning that everybody has been feeling the cold. I got back from school and felt the need to do something productive but couldn’t actually be bothered to do anything so spent the afternoon catching up on Sherlock – so good, never fails to blow my mind – and started making this year’s Galentines cards. After tea Sofia and Jen joined us for crepe-nesday which were absolutely glorious as they were filled with galaxy chocolate – recommend to everyone.

The temperature dropped further on Thursday meaning that I had to spend my break inside the cafe but the view outside was still an absolute joy.


Once I was home I carried on with my Galentine’s cards before Katie returned from her private class and then we headed to the cinema to see La La Land. I’d wanted to see it as soon as soon as I saw a story about it being a possibility – Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone in a musical- and I was gutted when I found out that it came out at home after I left home. The ticket only cost €5 as the cinema is very small – there’s no incline to the floor meaning that if someone sits in front of you you can’t see – but the film was in English so I was excited. The film was perfect; the cast, the music, the cinematography, the story.


It was so worth a watch and definitely worth all the hype it’s getting at the moment. I’m also very happy I now know where I can see films in English the next time one come out that I want to see.

Katie and I decided to spend Friday sorting our lives out so we went to Carrefour to do a big shop and once we were back tidied our rooms and cracked on with something to make the day productive – I did some lesson planning and reading and Katie looked for jobs for over the Summer.  For tea I made a curry with roasted sweet potato and carrots and a flatbread made from yoghurt and flour – it was almost like the definition of comfort food and tasted glorious.


I was also very excited by the beginning of strawberry season meaning that strawberries are huge, taste amazing and aren’t that expensive- the absolute dream.


After tea we headed to Katie Cav’s for a movie night where we watched How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days as Katie hadn’t seen it. We were home before 1 and it was exactly the kind of evening I wanted.

I’ve woken up this morning feeling a little funny – like I’ve slept weird and also a little dizzy – but I’m hoping drinking lots of water will sort it out. I’ve also booked some bus and train tickets for upcoming trips home and plan to spend the rest of the day continuing with my Galentine’s cards.


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