Up Hills and Downing Drinks

My funny dizzy feeling on Saturday eventually turned into a migraine that left me unable to move meaning that I had a very late long nap in the evening so when it came to time for bed I wasn’t able to sleep – which I knew would happen as soon as I’d woken up. With plenty of time lying in bed I finally got round to watching Agatha Christie’s A Witness for the Prosecution- brilliantly done and full of twists but not quite as good as last year’s And Then There Were None.

I woke up on Sunday feeling much better and spent the day continuing to organise my life, making Galentine’s cards and reading Anna Kendrick’s Scrappy Little Nobody. In the evening Katie and I went for a walk as Katie wanted some chocolate/ something chocolate based. In the end she decided to go for a Napolitana at one of the bakeries on our street and as we were about to leave we were offered testers of one of the best chocolate cakes I’ve ever had – so light, so tasty, so good. Once we were back in the flat we watched Sleepless in Seattle – which Katie also hadn’t seen – before we both had an early night.

School this week has been mostly working on displays for Peace Day next week – the school has focussed on the Syrian refugees so the classes have not been too easy but I definitely feel like most of the students has learned something. One of the classes has created a huge dove shaped word search and after the class wrote down their words I filled in the rest of the spaces, as I was filling in the last few gaps I realised I had unintentionally written the word TIT on it – well done Erin. There has also been a whole host of bugs going round at school so kids are getting sick and coughing all over the computers which has been far from ideal and I’ve a feeling it’s only going to get worse next week so fingers crossed I manage to avoid it.

On Wednesday after I finished class I decided to finally walk to Monteferro – a monument in Panxón – before the unrelenting rain was due on Thursday. I, yet again, ended up walking the long way up meaning that didn’t have a lot of time to chill out before I had to walk back down for the bus. The views on the way there and at the top were definitely worth it though especially with the weather being as good as it was and I’ll definitely be walking up again when the weather is nice again.

For this week’s crepe-nesday we went back to Creperie Bretonne where I decided to mix things up a little and go for Nutella and coconut which was absolutely glorious.


After school on Thursday Katie Cav and I went to the cinema to see Hidden Figures – excellent film based on the true stories of outstanding women, I laughed, I cried and I left with a warm heart.


After shopping on Friday I made some peanut butter and chocolate chunk cookies – I think I added a little too much peanut butter meaning they dried out a little and were crunchier than expected. I then had an hour long bath before getting ready to go out. We surprised Sarah for her birthday before heading out to Casco Vello and Churruca for another night filled with wine and dancing.

I arrived home just before 5 meaning that I woke up at half 10 then spent the next 3 hours dozing. I have felt horrendous all day and it took me till 7pm to be able to sit upright. I also ordered a takeaway and the delivery guy laughed as soon as I opened the door which was a great little sign as to how shit I’ve looked. Hopefully after a proper nights sleep I’ll be feeling good again tomorrow and get to work on the presentations I need to prepare for next week.


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