Tonight, we’re drinking from the bowl

After waking up on Sunday morning with cramps, I proceeded to spend all day in bed with my hot water bottle trying to make myself start the prep I had to do for during the week. I spent most of the day distracted so only managed to make half a presentation but did tidy the flat and do some washing. Katie arrived back from Rome in the evening and after giving me the lowdown on her weekend we made tea and I decided to make one of the ultimate comfort foods – risotto – and it was an absolute joy, exactly what I needed.

Classes on Monday seemed to fly despite still not feeling great and before long I was back at home with my hot water bottle continuing with presentations. Katie also had a few to do so we sat together and before long I was showing her McFly videos and telling myself it was “research”. After tea it was straight back to my laptop where I made a presentation on the Oscars that personally I thought was interesting.

I arrived at school on Tuesday ready to give the presentations I’d spent hours making – and procrastinated making. My first class was 6th Primary and the presentation on McFly seemed to go well – I had to rush it a little towards the end as I was running out of time – and I left them with the lyrics to Love is Easy. The presentation I’d made for 3rd ESO did not go half as well. After 5 minutes I realised the content was too complicated and although I’d found it interesting – I now know how the voting is done and how people become part of the Academy – they had very little idea about the Oscars and no inclination to learn. I spent the hour trying to explain it as simply as possible but as I left it was clear that I wouldn’t be able to use it in any other classes. I offered to make something else for Wednesday and continued with the rest of my day. I should also mention that Galicia’s rainy season has hit this week and it has hit hard. There’s been torrential rain, thunder and lightning and insane wind.


It was on Tuesday that I realised I would not be able to stand outside and wait for the bus so took shelter in the cafe next to the bus stop and decided to treat myself to some chocolate and churros – this was ultimately a bad decision as the chocolate was ridiculously rich and the churros were cold. I made it home without getting completely soaked and cracked on with a presentation about the Gremlins.

I was picked up on Wednesday as I always am but was immediately greeted with “do you not have anything white?” as I got into the car. At first I thought I’d misunderstood and looked at her white shirt thinking she was asking about it. The confused look on my face clearly gave me away so she repeated it, mentioning Peace Day. It turned out that the entire school would be wearing white with a dove sticker but no one had mentioned it to me. Not the way you want to start the day and I finally understood how that one kid at school who forgot non-uniform day felt. Fortunately the race wasn’t going to start till after I left so it wouldn’t be painfully obvious as I stood there in a bright green jumper. I pushed it to the back of my mind and carried on with the rest of the day. I gave the presentation- or at least half the presentation which was all we had time for – and we continued with practising present simple. I had only have 2 hours on a Wednesday – both with the same class, back-to-back, in the same room – but it is always the day I leave feeling the most tired which I always put down to the class just getting restless and disruptive which is far from ideal. I made it home alive but exhausted and wrote my  blog on what I’ve read during January and started getting excited for crepes. We have basically decided that Creperie Bretonne is the only place to spend crepenesday especially with their crepe and a drink for €3.90 deal. This week the crepes were absolutely perfect; a little crispy, more coconut – dreamy.

On Thursday the rain really started and coupled with strong winds I thought it best to stay at school during my break instead of venturing to the beach and risking getting absolutely drenched between classes. Thankfully the rain stayed away when it was time to get the bus and I made it home looking windswept but dry. I spent the afternoon watching The Office before getting ready to head out for dinner with Katie, Leyre and David but after I was dressed the plans were cancelled so Katie and I decided to head out for a drink. After leaving the building and finding that it was chucking it down we decided on Las Vegas – the bar right next to our building – where we enjoyed a few glasses of wine before walking home.

Yesterday morning we headed to Carrefour for our weekly shop – I bought some Kerrygold butter which was an absolute dream on some toast – before coming home and cracking on with tidying our rooms and preparing classes for next week. In the evening a group of us decided to go to Bembrive for San Blas – a wine festival where they sell the surplus wine and you drink in what is essentially garages. The weather was absolutely horrendous and after walking to the first place we could see, we were all soaked. It was completely worth it though.

I spent the evening drinking amazing cheap wine, listening to music and dancing – absolutely joyous. Katie, Ingrid and I left at about 11, bought some sweet treats at one of the market stalls and took a taxi back.

Despite a proper nights sleep I’m still not feeling 100% but hopefully more toast, cups of tea and The Office will make me feel like a new woman. We were planning to go to Pontevedra this afternoon but the rain is showing absolutely no sign of letting up at any point and as much as I’d like to go, I don’t think I’m willing to get soaked in the process. We also still have 4 months and it’s not going anywhere.


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