Productivity in an Ordinary Week

This week has been another week where not a lot has happened but I feel like I’ve been pretty busy. In the end we decided against Pontevedra and were pretty happy with the decision as it did continue to rain all day. Katie’s friend, Naomi was here at the weekend and after they braced the wind and rain to visit the Castro we all settled in to watch Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. After all the trailers for this film I was very much on the fence about whether or not I was going to enjoy it but after lowering my expectations – despite Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza being in it – I enjoyed it. After tea, Katie and Naomi went out for a drink while I filled my hot water bottle and retreated to my room to watch The Office.

On Sunday I woke up and realised quite how much I still had to do in order to complete my Galentine’s cards and get them sent out on time. So while the rest of the flat went out for breakfast I got down to work and made another 2 throughout the day. I also started making a presentation on Valentine’s Day for my 5th and 6th Primary classes which was anything but fun but at least there was a presentation to show. For tea I made a big pasta bake – which did me for tea all week, joy – but cooked the pasta in the sauce and added some breadcrumbs on top of the cheese and it was amazing – if I do say so myself.

School this week has been a little odd. I’ve done classes at different times because of exams, I’ve had to start a few classes by myself for the same reason and towards the end of the week the classes were in their classrooms rather than in the computer room which has thrown me slightly but I got through them alive – but a little more tired than normal.

After school on Wednesday I managed to get all my Galentine’s cards sent off to different places around the UK and one to the US and left the post office feeling pretty good – as I said in my other blog, there is no downside to Galentine’s. For crepe-nesday we headed to Creperie Bretonne at our usual time but the man who usually serves us was nowhere to be seen making us a little nervous about the crepe+1 ingredient and a drink deal – the guy usually still gives us the deal even if we have more than one ingredient. I settled on just Nutella but felt it was lacking something without the usual addition of coconut. In the end we could have had the 2nd ingredient as Katie still got the deal with her Nutella and Salidou combo. Lesson learnt.


On Thursday evening Katie and I decided to stay in and watch a film. After scrolling through Amazon Prime and Netflix we chose The Hundred-Foot Journey and it was an absolute delight. My Mam bought me the book when the film originally came out but I never got round to reading it and had put off watching the film until I’d read it. I’m so glad I decided against that and just watched it as it was exactly the kind of film I wanted to watch; a little heart-breaking, comedy, beautiful main characters, Helen Mirren and so much glorious looking food. It’s on Netflix and I would 100% recommend it to EVERYONE!

The thing I love most about 3 day weekends every week is that it gives you the day to sort your life out so that you can then just enjoy the weekend. I got up on Friday and while Katie went to the gym I did the Davina DVD I have and then met her on Urzaiz so that we could go shopping. Katie was looking for a dress for a 21st Birthday she is going to next week and I was looking for a pair of trainers. We were both successful in our endeavours and I also decided to treat myself to a dress and a shirt in H&M. Once back in the flat we had lunch before going to Eroski to do our food shop for the week. I then made my meal plan and started looking at what I want to do on my upcoming trip to New York in June – honestly as much as physically possible. After tea we watched some TV before heading to bed.

This morning I have done Davina again – I had completely forgotten how hard the aerobics section is but I did it – and have to make a presentation on Notting Hill Carnival for 5th and 6th Primary so they can compare carnivals in the UK to the one in February in Spain. Siempre presentaciones.


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