Invest in Yourself 

When Katie arrived back after Christmas she told me she had only one New Year’s resolution: to invest in herself. For her this meant taking more time out for cooking, travel more and refocus a little with her Spanish learning. At the time I wasn’t convinced. I had just written my own resolutions and was trying to focus on them. However over the past few weeks I’ve been giving it a lot more thought. The list of bucket list resolutions I wrote at the beginning of the year fall under the idea of investing in yourself and I definitely feel like it’s a resolution everybody should give some thought to. I had a look through a range of different Pinterest and blog posts to see how other people were trying to invest in themselves. The results were fairly similar; read more, drink more water, meditate, spend less time on phones, etc. These were ideas I had already thought about and had either taken steps to achieve or was trying to take steps towards – I’m finding the phone one way more difficult than it should be. One goal I found that I thought was interesting was to practice positive affirmations and after finding this article it’s something I am going to try – no harm in trying to strengthen your mind.

The main area I knew I needed to invest more time, energy and a little money in is my health. So over the weekend I focused most of my energy onto this in order to give it a good and productive start. I bought my first pair of actual trainers in years, I did my Davina DVD 3 times – the trainers have allowed me to start doing the aerobics section again – and I started the 30 day squat challenge. I also paid more attention to my meal plan and then made my meals for the week to reduce the chance of excuses and falling back on pesto pasta. Over the past few years I’ve found that although at the start it’s great to cut out everything that’s bad for you, after a few weeks you resent the lifestyle you’ve started to embark on and end up binging on everything you’ve missed. The same goes for cheat days. I’ve decided not to put too much pressure on myself. I’ll have bad days but I’ll also have really good days that will motivate me to keep going. I’ll still be having crepes once a week and I doubt I’ll be able to resist the churros that come with my cup of tea but maybe I’ll stop buying croissants that I don’t really enjoy just to fill some time.

I’m also hoping that by writing all this down it’ll push me to continually return to the phrase “Invest in Yourself” and refocus my mind about what I want to achieve; a happier, healthier me.


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