After publishing my last post I got straight to work making the presentation but after a while I started to get twitchy and bored so Katie and I walked to the Castro. The weather was lovely and we were able to sit for a while looking over the port thinking about how lucky we are to have been placed in Vigo. It’s got the sea, mountains, it’s not too big or too small, “not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket”, and we’ve been lucky enough to find lots of friends. We walked back and I finished the presentation and sent it to the teacher I work with so he could make a quiz about it – organisation ✔. After tea we decided to watch a film and chose to watch How to be Single as I’ve had it on my laptop since Christmas and hadn’t gotten round to watching it. It was excellent. We laughed, I cried – obviously – and it definitely exceeded expectations.

I woke up on Sunday and got straight on to doing Davina to set myself up for the day. Having already done everything I needed to on Saturday, Sunday was left free to just chill out. I watched some more of the office and finished reading Anna Kendrick’s Scrappy Little Nobody – perfect Sunday.

School this week has been pretty similar to last week. All of the ESO classes have been in their classrooms rather than the computer room as the computers are still being fixed and there was yet another strike on Thursday meaning that there were only a few students in each of the classes. Lots of disruption but hopefully the computers should be up and running again by Monday so I’ll a little less out of place.

On Monday we were finally able to celebrate Galentine’s Day – feel like I’ve been counting down for ages – and we decided to go for waffles a la Leslie Knope


and then go for sangria at a place that does €1 deals on Mondays. Unfortunately the weather didn’t quite play along meaning that we spent a lot of the evening hiding under umbrellas but it was a lovely evening once we were finally inside, warm and drinking sangria.

Having already given my Valentine’s presentations last week I thought the day would go by fairly unmentioned at school – I was wrong. All of the students were given heart-shaped cookies and balloons, there was a wedding scene cut out


and at break time loads of the students played Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On and John Legend’s All of Me on recorder. They clearly take their Valentine’s celebrations very seriously.

As I finish early on Wednesdays I came back and got straight down to watching the final few episodes of The Office. It has been an absolute joy to watch and I’m sad it’s over and also baffled it took me so long to get round to watching it. I’d highly recommend it to anyone wanting a TV to fill a few months of their life – or less than that depending on how dedicated you are to binge-watching.


Crepe-nesday did not see the return of our usual waiter but we were treated to crepes made, prepared and delivered by one of the chefs and each received a mountain of Nutella – so much Nutella.


On Thursday the sun decided to show up again and it was absolutely delightful. I was able to read and drink my cup of tea outside again and squeezed in a walk along the beach between classes – joyous.

After spending much of Thursday feeling like I was possibly getting sick, I woke up on Friday with a tickly cough in full force. I dragged myself out of bed as I knew it was going to be a nice day and watched the sunrise from the Castro.

However once I was back in the flat I knew I wasn’t going to have much energy to achieve much else so I spent the day pottering around the flat and finishing Anne of Green Gables in the sunshine on our balcony – not the worst way to spend days while feeling sick. In the evening I finally got round to watching Sing Street which has been on my laptop for a while but I have just never gotten round to watching it. I had no idea what it was about but was pleasantly surprised and would no doubt watch it again.

I’ve woken up this morning feeling worse than yesterday and – after trying and failing to do Davina – I’ve spent the day watching TV and trying to achieve anything productive. Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be feeling better and I’ll be able to get some stuff done.


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