Sunshine in February 

I spent the rest of Saturday tucked up in bed watching Netflix and listening to the rain pounding against the winter and decided an early night was definitely in order. On Sunday the sun was back out and I spent the morning and early afternoon sitting on the balcony soaking up any rays I could get while making a card for the latest addition to the Dwyer clan. 

Once the sun had disappeared behind the wall I retreated back to my cave where I rang my Grandma to wish her a Happy Birthday and settled down to watch What’s Your Number? And Gossip Girl. 
The weather has continued to be absolutely glorious all week which has been great during my breaks at work and I’ve managed to finish another book. 

After school on Monday I met Sofia for a drink which turned into 3 – blaming it on the weather being too good to stop at 1. 

School has finally returned to normal – or as normal as it can get, there have been a few disrupted classes due to talks on Internet Safety and Rosalia Del Castro – and have been fairly uneventful. I help them with vocabulary and pronunciation of anything they’re having trouble with. 

After school on Tuesday I made a big batch of bolognese as I quite often do but made the mistake of seasoning it while not feeling 100% meaning that when I ate it again on Wednesday it was massively over seasoned- not the best when I have enough for another 5/6 meals in the freezer. Once Katie was back from her private classes we decided to watch Les Choristes as we both felt the need for a little heartwarming French film. 

Katie left for home straight after school on Wednesday and I met up with Sofia, Jennie and Clo for drinks in the sunshine. We went to La Terraza as the sun stays on the outside area for a lot longer than most other places and it was lovely. I had never realised quite how expensive it is though and 4 glasses of wine cost me €12 which took us all by surprise. Once back in the flat I face timed Roisin who was having a sleepover with Aodhan and Joe – it was lovely to speak to them and it made me more excited to head home myself- before heading to bed.      

I woke up early-ish on Friday and after making sure I’d packed everything I needed, changing my sheets so they’re clean for my return and making a last minute dash to the bank for some cash, I set off for the bus station. The bus wasn’t too busy but there were a lot of French students at the back of bus who spent the 2 hours making quite a lot of noise. I arrived at the airport with loads of time to spare and after almost flying through security I had 3 hours to waste. I spent most of it sitting listening to some musicians and wandering up and down the shopping area. The flight was on time and fairly uneventful- quite a few tears from children and one girl who seemed to be terrified – and we made it to Liverpool in good time. I then had to take the bus to the train station and wait a little bit longer for my train. The train was similar to the plane but instead of crying children it was loud drunks – not ideal. I arrived back in Durham just after 11.30 where my Dad picked me up and took me home. Roisin was already in bed and after chatting for a little we went to sleep. 

I’ve woken this morning and Roisin has already left to go to back to Northern Ireland and be reunited with Blu. I am currently getting dressed to head out for Emma’s Hen Party weekend and really should get back to it or I’m going to be late…


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