Baby and Booze Filled Week at Home

Saturday was finally the day for the long awaited hen party for Emma. It was a surprise for her but the celebrations began at Crook Hall where we had a tipsy afternoon tea booked. Once we were in the room and everyone was seated we were all given a prosecco and canapés were placed around the table. We were then given the choice of 3 cocktails which were served in teapots and the afternoon tea was brought out – absolutely beautiful ginger cake and brownies.

When everybody had finished eating we played a few games, including one where we were separated into 2 teams and had to create a wedding dress from tissue paper. After everybody had had their fill of cakes and cocktails we walked to the Boat Club in Durham where a table had been reserved and we continued with plenty more cocktails and a few more games. As we had been drinking since 1, by 8pm everybody was tired and began to leave. After the last person had left we – the bride and bridesmaids – took this as a cue to head back to the hotel where we ordered a takeaway while watching American Pie.

As we had stopped drinking early enough and had had a relatively early night, we all woke up without hangovers and after breakfast we were all ready for a day of relaxing. We packed up our stuff and checked out of the hotel and Emma and I walked to the Oxfam book shop to pick up a book so we would have something to read while sitting by the pool – I have left my book at home as I’m not sure it was the best buy but Emma made an excellent decision with Bridget Jones Diary. Once back at the hotel we all had a swim before relaxing at the side while waiting for our massages – glorious hot stone massage that made my back feel more relaxed than it has in years, I blame it on my bad posture. After we had all been pampered we left and headed home where I had a roast dinner waiting for me which was an absolute delight. I watched some TV with my Mam and Dad before heading to bed.

After waking up on Monday morning I moved downstairs where I spent the morning watching the Oscars – what a dramatic ending – before getting ready and walking to finally meet the newest Dwyer – Mamie Joan Cathryn.


She is absolutely tiny and absolutely adorable! I then spent my evening with Emma watching The Boss – Melissa McCarthy is a queen – and it was lovely to be able to chat with her properly.

Tuesday was the long awaited Pancake Day and I met Gordon in Newcastle and we went to Blake’s and had lovely American pancakes with bacon and maple syrup


– ratio of bacon to pancakes was a bit off but the pancake were delicious – before wandering around Grainger market to get some loose tea for my Grandma. I got home to find that my Mam was watching Mamie so I got to have more cuddles. Once they had left Mam and I cracked open a bottle of pink fizz and I was able to catch up on more TV.

As my birthday is next week I’ve been given most of my presents this week and they have been glorious. I got a BFG mug that is as big as my head


and the Office box-set from Gordon, Charlie and Chocolate Factory bedsheets from Emma, a literary listography book from Niall and VIP tickets to see BoyzLife – Brian McFadden and Keith Duffy – over Easter with my Mam from my Mam and Dad – feeling very fortunate and lucky for excellent friends and family.

On Wednesday I spent the morning catching up on 4 weeks of Call the Midwife – and bawling my eyes out – before going out for lunch with Rebekah and Mamie. The rest of the day was spent curled up on the armchair in front of the fire watching more TV and drinking more wine.

I finally got round to watching Hunt for the Wilderpeople on Thursday morning and it was absolutely excellent – heartwarming, funny and the scenery shots are glorious –and I would highly recommend it. I then walked to see my Grandma and after seeing Aodhan dressed as Harry Potter for World Book Day my Mam and I went to the Metro Centre – I had wanted to go to TKMaxx for a Red Nose Day t-shirt but was disappointed with the designs this year. Mam was able to get a book she’d wanted for a while and I was able to spend half an hour walking around Waterstone’s which is always a joy. We then bought M&S ready meal curries – amazing – and after a detour via Emma’s and Rebekah’s for final goodbyes – and a quick game of FIFA – we went home.

I woke up at half 6 on Friday and after a lot of stress regarding Liverpool Lime Street being closed and having extra changes to deal with, my Dad eventually bought me a 1st class ticket from Huddersfield to Liverpool South Parkway meaning that I didn’t have to stand for over an hour – and I got a cup of tea and some cake. I only had to wait for a minute for a bus at South Parkway and security was dead meaning that I didn’t actually lose all that much time. The flight was fairly uneventful – managed to get a window seat with extra legroom after waiting till Thursday evening to check in – and we landed on time – and no applause this time. I then had to wait for a few hours for my bus – it wasn’t too bad as the airport has free Wi-Fi that is good enough to stream Netflix – which ended up being half an hour late but got us back to Vigo only a little late. I took a taxi back to the flat and very quickly got into bed but found it a little more difficult than expected to sleep.

I’ve spent this morning unpacking my case, eating squashed hot cross buns and listening to Ed Sheeran’s new album. The plan is to head to Baiona at about 2 for some fiesta but I’m not entirely sure what’s happening. I’m hoping I don’t end up too hungover tomorrow as I have to make a presentation about the UK tomorrow – yay…


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