Not an ArriBADa week at all

After publishing my last post I got ready and headed to the bus stop to meet the others to go to Baiona. It turned out it was a medieval festival based around Christopher Columbus called Arribada – and just as expected from the Spanish – it wasn’t done by halves. There were lots of people dressed in full costume, market stalls covered the streets and were selling food, drinks, pottery, glass and there was an arena set up on the beach in front of the Parador. We very quickly set our sights on a stall selling flower crowns and after we had all had a quick sangria stop, a few of us decided to buy one. The rest of the day was spent drinking huge cups of sangria, eating amazing food and wandering through the streets. Just before it got dark a few of us decided to splurge on the €2 to get on to the ship that resides in Baiona before heading back to the party and meeting with the others. 

 By the time we arrived – back to the same bar we had revisited numerous times over the day, amazing sangria – our group had doubled in size after we were joined by a load more auxiliares and the streets were full. We continued drinking and chatting before deciding to aim for the last bus back to Vigo at 10. We walked to the bus stop at 10 to and waited… and waited… and waited. No buses turned up and at 10.40 we gave up and grabbed the one taxi that would take the 6 of us and I was back in the flat tucked up in bed before 12 – dreamy.
I woke up on Sunday feeling a little groggy but after hot cross buns for breakfast I was feeling fine, tired, but fine. This still didn’t stop me from spending all day wrapped up in my duvet watching TV like I was hungover. Katie arrived back not long after 6 and we chatted about our time at home before making tea. It was after that that I got a migraine – I’m putting it down to travel, too much screen time and the insane amount of sugar I consumed on Saturday, damn tasty sangria. I listened to some Roald Dahl before showering and trying to sleep – which turned out to be easier said than done. I spent the next 6 hours trying to get to sleep before eventually drifting off. I’d hoped I would wake up feeling better on Monday but this wasn’t the case and in the end I had to contact the school to let them know I wouldn’t be making it in before going back to sleep. I spent the rest of the day in a bit of a daze and was ready for bed when it came round again.

I woke up on Tuesday feeling a lot better – the weather was clearly not, that fine rain that soaks you through – and school passed quickly enough. 

Wednesday was much the same and after asking the teachers I work with if I was needed on Thursday – as there was yet another strike – it was the beginning of my weekend. We began planning crepe-nesday before I received a message from Jennie asking if I could cancel as they were planning a surprise thank you for Sofia. We successfully got Sofia to where she needed to be and Katie and I had salted caramel galaxy and milka filled crepes at home – the best. I then headed over to Jennie and Clo’s to join them for some drinks before wandering home at half 1 after a lovely evening.

I woke up on Thursday feeling a little gross but again after breakfast and a cup of tea, I was feeling fine again. I then headed to the balcony to enjoy the incredible sunshine that had turned up again before realising I had been burnt and having to take a nap – always forget just how much the sun affects me. I spent the evening watching TV with Katie before heading to bed.

Friday was another scorcher of a day but after a trip to Carrefour for after sun – 11 euros for a bottle… – I decided it was probably best to stay inside and made the presentation needed for next week at school. I then met Jen and after buying sangria and strawberries we went to the Castro to watch the sunset. Despite it being a glorious day, one long black cloud decided to cover the horizon meaning there wasn’t much to see, but it was still nice to see her and catch up. 

Once back in the flat I made myself a mince pie while chatting to Leyre and Katie. 

And today is my BIRTHDAY. I’m not sure on any specific plans for during the day but we are heading out for a meal this evening which I am very excited about – pizza, pasta and wine, the Juan.


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