Party Like It’s Yo Birthday

I spent most of my birthday pretty chilled out, watching TV and reading my book, while Katie and Leyre spent the morning making me a cake – that they accidentally forgot to put the oil in – and blowing up balloons that they filled the corridor with. After they had been to the gym and Sienna was back in the flat, they lit 24 candles on the cake and gave me my presents – a 5 year diary, a sports bra and a reed diffuser.


We then dispersed and got ready to head out to La Carbonara – after a few confetti cannons and some snaps – and met everybody there. The food was better than the last time – carbonara, pesto pasta, amazing margherita pizza and cheesy garlic bread, all washed down with wine and sangria – and we had a glorious evening.

After finishing our meal some of us headed to Casco Vello for some drinks before ending the evening at Churruca dancing to Ed Sheeran and loving life – excellent birthday.

After the wine, gin+ tonics and shots of tequila it was no surprise that I woke up on Sunday feeling a little worse for wear. I spent the day eating leftover birthday cake and watching Gossip Girl curled up in bed before having an early night.

School this week has been pretty normal – no strikes, no talks, no big events – with most of the classes either having exams or preparing for them. I also spent a few lessons helping Andrea with a translation she is doing for her husband’s fishing business and decorating the door with something cinema themed.


After school on Tuesday I met Katie Cav to collect the cookies she had made me for my birthday and we went for a coffee/tea and had a lovely catch up before I headed home.

Yesterday with the sun shining, a lot of us decided to head to the beach. We arrive at about 2 and stayed until the sun set at half 7. We drank wine and sangria, ate snacks, I read my book, Aisling covered us all in shamrocks and Irish flags and then to end a perfect day, as we were playing bullshit, we were able to watch dolphins enjoying the last of the sun as it set – incredible.

We then headed home – me with two burnt calves and a line of burn that snakes up my arm – before getting ready to head out for more drinks. We met at Imperial but after 2 drinks I realised spending all day in the sun had left us exhausted so Katie and I left early and walked home again.

Today I have been alternating between lathering my legs and arm in after sun and trying to cool them down with a wet towel while watching Hook and trying to force myself to start the presentation I need to do for next week on Ireland. Hopefully my burn will cool down a little and I can have a more productive afternoon and day tomorrow.



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