One Day More

Yesterday was the first Saturday that I haven’t posted on this blog since I arrived in Spain 5 months ago. I would love to be able to give a good excuse but honestly I was hungover and laden with cramps and it took me until half 8 to be able to sit up without feeling like my head might actually explode. I thought about writing it after that but I knew it would be badly written and rushed – or more rushed and worse than normal – and although the post is nothing special – more ramblings from an unremarkable week in Spain – I thought I should still give it a little more attention than a half hour hungover rambling.

I spent last Saturday attempting to organise my life – tidying my room, shopping, making lists for everything – before making crispie cakes that Katie and I enjoyed while watching Bridget Jones’ Diary followed by Bridget Jones’ Baby – there will never be a day when I don’t want to watch Bridget Jones’ Diary, the absolute best.

On Sunday I had to make a presentation about Ireland and St Patrick’s Day for my classes but actually spent most of the day looking for new things to do during our holiday in Northern Ireland this summer and watching the Riverdance. The presentation was a success and they enjoyed it and I think they learned something new.

The rest of my classes this week have been music and speaking exams so fairly monotonous but nothing too difficult – for me, anyway. The weather has also taken a serious downturn and it has been cloudy, cool, some serious downpours and the even hailstones.

By Friday I was tired and ready for the weekend and spent the day painting, reading watching films and baking cake for Stacie’s birthday. I spent the evening getting ready to go out while watching Comic Relief – the Red Nose Day Actually was perfect and I spent 10 minutes crying both happy and sad tears. After the first part was finished I headed over to Stacie’s flat to celebrate her birthday with margaritas and wine.

We went out and eventually made it home at 5 after realising that I had left my phone at Stacie’s and Sarah was locked out of her flat.

After breakfast on Saturday we walked back over to their flat where I collected my phone before quickly returning home where I spent the day in bed. I am hoping today will be more productive and I’ll be able to get the presentations I need done for next week – the last week at school before Emma’s Wedding and Easter!!


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