Women of the World, We Have A Voice

I have had it with this week, and it’s only Thursday. 

The last 2 days I have been overwhelmed with sexist bullshit from each and every angle with it all getting too much yesterday evening. The afternoon began with discussions about Girl Up with Katie. We had open and frank discussions about victim shaming and consent, talked about individual experiences and continued our overflowing love fest for Girl Up. I had also spent the afternoon catching up with the latest Broadchurch – for anybody who hasn’t been watching, this series has been dealing with a serial rape case and it is gripping. The thing I have loved is the way they are shining light on the way victims are treated by their peers and people who should be helping them. Since the first episode they have had characters ask the same preposterous questions that people ask all the time “was she drunk? What was she wearing? She had been very sexually active so maybe she was asking for it?” AKA victim-blaming bullshit. The victim should never be blamed. 

It was after this that I started to notice that my Facebook was loaded with misogyny and sexism. The daily mail front page focussing on Theresa May and Nicola Sturgeon’s legs instead of the very real possibility of Scotland becoming a completely independent country. United Airlines not allowing a group of young girls onto a flight as they weren’t dressed “appropriately”. The man who abused his wife, hitting her with a cricket bat and forcing her to drink bleach, being given a suspended sentence as the judge didn’t think the victim was vulnerable as she was an intelligent, educated woman with a lot of friends. 

Everywhere I looked I was surrounded by stories of sexism and misogyny and it infuriated me. Each one of these stories is yet another reason why we need feminism. We live in a society where inequality for women has become the norm. So normal in fact that people don’t realise when they are being sexist or they refuse to believe there is inequality at all. The best way to try and move forward is education, it needs to be discussed in schools with children and teenagers who are still trying to work out who they are in this world. But it needs to start even before that so that young girls aren’t being told they can’t play football and they aren’t strong, while at the same time young boys aren’t being told they can’t like princess films and playing with dolls. 

The world is full of inequality, a lot of it is difficult for us to change but every thing starts small and every little thing helps to contribute to the bigger movement. So let the small discussions become big discussions and let’s try and help gender equality move forward. 
The title of the post comes from Lessie – Daughters which you can listen to here: https://youtu.be/xqmEInn9pKc 


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