Homeward Bound

This week has mostly been a waiting game, counting down the days till Friday when I travelled home. I spent Sunday preparing a presentation about Easter and April Fools for all my classes – same presentation 8 times – which I think most found quite interesting. The ESO classes were spent discussing the differences between Easter in the U.K. And Spain while the presentation with Primary was followed by a quiz. The classes themselves, while pretty repetitive, were fairly easy and the days passed quickly. On Wednesday we finally made it back to Creperie Bretonne for crepe-nesday for the first time in weeks and it was an absolute joy. The crepes were perfect, the chat was excellent and when we left after 9, it was still light outside – dreamy. 

After school, on Thursday I decided to use up some of my eggs before heading home and baked a chocolate cake for the flat. We then spent the evening eating huge bowls of pasta pesto, drinking wine, laughing about our lives and watching Gossip Girl – I am honestly so lucky with the flat mates I ended up with here and I can’t believe how quickly our 8 months together is going. I then went to bed early as I had to catch the bus at 4.30 on Friday morning. 

My alarm went off at 3 as I wanted to make sure I had enough time for any delays in taxis or long snoozes but as expected I was more than early. I arrived at the bus station before 4.00 and there was not a soul around and all the lights were off – the beginning of many a scary film scene – but other people started to arrive not long after 4 and the lights were eventually switched on. There were only about 9 other people on the bus which should have made for a very pleasant drive to Porto but unfortunately the heating was on full blast leaving everybody a little uncomfortable and shifty. When we made it to the airport I had planned to go straight through security but after seeing a queue that was 10x as long as it normally is I decided to find a seat, connect to the Wi-Fi and watch some Gossip Girl while waiting for the queue to disappear. I eventually got through security and after buying a bottle of Tanqueray No. 10 – thank you duty free – and spent the rest of my wait watching Netflix. The plane was a lot quieter than it normally is and after a little nap I spent most of the flight watching Skins. Everything went very smoothly and pretty soon I was walking out of arrivals to be greeted by my Mam and Dad. We started the drive home and stopped in at the Plough at Lupton for a pub lunch 

before a slow drive home surrounded by green fields and baby lambs. We then spent the evening catching up on telly with wine before another early night.

Mam and I spent this morning at Tynemouth Market where I bought a lovely little necklace, some books and had a gorgeous homemade lemonade with a splash of ginger. After driving along the coast we drove to Karen’s where I got the rest of my birthday present 

and tried on some potential shoes for the wedding. We then headed home where we Skyped Roisin and booked flights for her to visit me in Spain at the end of May and spent the rest of the day watching films. 

Next week is due to be busy but I couldn’t be more excited!


2 thoughts on “Homeward Bound

  1. Three lovely reads Erin. Have you read the results of a blind tasting of masses of gins up to £63.30 a bottle? Aldi’s Oliver Cromwell beat allcomers!! Cost? £9.95!!! I have bought it, lovely!! Xxx


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