My Best Friend’s Wedding 

On Sunday despite not setting an alarm I was awake by half 8. I spent the morning watching the West Wing marathon on Sky with my Mam and Dad before we were joined by Karen and Gordon for a glorious roast pork dinner followed by chocolate pudding – gravy is the definition of home comfort food. We were then visited by Rebekah and Mamie and after lots of cuddles we spent the evening catching up on more TV. 

I had a very relaxed morning on Monday and had a bath in preparation for the wedding while waiting for Mam to return from work. Once she was back we set off to the Metro Centre in search of shoes. I eventually settled on a pair of sandals in New Look and we treated ourselves to lunch in Carluccio’s – both our starters were excellent but main courses were disappointing. After some more prep for the morning we settled down to watch Broadchurch – this series has been excellent and has kept everyone on their toes since the first episode – before an early night. 

I woke up on Tuesday and after throwing all my stuff into bags headed to Emma’s parents’ house to start getting ready. The other bridesmaids, Beka and Vicky, were already there and preparation was in full flow with hairspray filling the living room. We quickly opened the prosecco and the morning passed quickly and with little stress as Beka had planned everybody’s timings for hair well leaving me with hours to do my make-up – which only takes me about 20 minutes max. After a few disasters with tights and a mini photo shoot in the conservatory, we were sat in a Morris Minor – that matched our dresses perfectly – on our way to Healey Barn. Emma arrived a little after we did with tears already in her eyes and I knew then it was just a matter of time before I started crying myself. The tears started not long after I had walked down aisle and turned around to watch Emma walking down the aisle – it was at that point that the music from UP had the change when Ellie finds out she can’t have children – and I was gone. I spent the rest of the ceremony crying which only seemed to get worse after she officially became Mrs Terrington and I kept turning to Beka saying I couldn’t believe she was actually married. My hand was shaking as I signed the register and my eyes are definitely red and tear filled in the photo of the bride and groom with the witnesses, but I wouldn’t change anything about it. The rest of the day was filled with Pimms, afternoon tea, excellent speeches, sore feet, lots of photos, so much laughter and dancing including Emma and I dancing to Wilson Phillips – Hold On a la Bridesmaids and absolutely loving every second of it. 

The day was perfect and I am forever thankful for such a gorgeous friend as Emma is and to be part of hers and Lee’s special day. 

I woke up quite early on Wednesday but after struggling to walk to the toilet on my now crippled feet I decided some more time in bed was the only plan of action and spent the morning watching Sky Disney and waiting for anyone else to arrive home. Once my Mam was back she drove me to Emma’s parents’ so I could collect all my stuff from the day before and after chatting to her mam for a bit I caught the bus to Newcastle to meet Hannah for crepe-nesday. I dropped my film into Boots and we ate glorious Nutella crepes with smoothies and had an excellent catch up.

Thursday passed quite quickly in a TV, film and wine filled blur that always makes me realise quite how little time I have at home but was definitely needed and enjoyed. 

I finally got my haircut on Friday morning after months of saying it was necessary – so many split ends, so dry – but had to wash it as soon as I was back in the house after she had dried strangely leaving me looking like one of the lads from Hanson. Mam and I then drove to meet my Grandma, Grandad, Rebekah and Mamie before walking to the Burrow in Flint Hill for lunch which was lovely. After more cuddles with Mamie after lunch Mam and I drive home where I packed my case for the weekend before having a little nap. My Dad then drove me to the station and although the train was fairly busy I had a seat booked and passed the time watching Skins and listening to music as the sun set. Else was waiting for me at the station when I arrived and after stopping off at Sainsbury’s for some food, we spent the evening eating pizza and drinking gin and tonics.

The weather looks like it is going to be absolutely glorious today but as of yet we don’t have any solid plans but the chances are alcoholic drinks will be involved at some point. 


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