March – The Hundred Foot Journey and Girl Up

Last month I read fewer books than the previous 2 months but they were excellent, made even better by the fact I was able to read them while sitting on the beach in the sunshine. 

Richard Morais – The Hundred Foot Journey

I had had this book since the film was first released in the cinema and my Mam had picked it up in Tesco on offer. I had planned to read it and watch the film after but after watching the film earlier in the year – and absolutely loving it – I decided it was time to give the book a try. It was different to the film, Hassan wasn’t quite as friendly and lovely as in the film and there was no Hollywood ending. However it was still excellent. I struggled to read it while hungry as it is full of detailed descriptions of amazing sounding food that in reality I probably wouldn’t eat but sounded so tempting I was close to eating my book. The book also came across as more real, the characters are more well rounded – less perfect and more likely to be asshats. All in all it was a very entertaining read and one I would definitely recommend- just probably for when you’re not starving!


Laura Bates – Girl Up

I had bought Girl Up last summer after seeing it just about everywhere but again I hadn’t gotten around to actually reading it. I wish I had read it sooner. What a book! It discusses a multitude of different things that young girls deal with every day. It is both overwhelmingly honest and full of humour. I have never read anything more relatable and it has also prompted many discussions with my flat mate who has borrowed it and read it quicker than she has ever read another book. It is an incredible read that I would recommend to everyone and should be given to every young girl as there is so much that would have been exactly what I needed to read while I was at school. In short, this book should be read by every female. 


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