April – Lion, Big Little Lies and The Secret Life of Bees

As I was at home for the first few weeks of April – and busy trying to do as much and see as many people as possible in 17 days – I didn’t get to read as much as I usually do and by the time I returned to Spain I had only read the first few chapters of Lion. I thought this would be first month where I only completed one book but in the end I’ve finished 3 books – 2 read in the last 6 days of April – and they have all been excellent. They all revolve around a search for the truth which for some is found within in another person and they all show strong friendship and familial bonds. 

Saroo Brierley- Lion/ A Long Way Home: A Memoir
My Mam and Dad had seen this at the cinema and after loving it my Mam decided to read the book. She enjoyed it and recommended I read it too, which I did. Although it took me nearly 3 weeks between starting and finishing it, it was a surprisingly easy read – during which I definitely cried multiple times. It is the true story of Saroo who got onto the wrong train in India when he was 5 years old and, after growing up in Australia, begins to search for his family. It was heartbreaking to read but with the photos in the middle – I definitely looked at these before I even decided to read the book – I knew that he would find his family. However it was still incredible to read about his sheer determination to track down the town where he had been born and lost his family. 
Liane Moriarty – Big Little Lies
As most people know – and anyone who has read even one of these blog posts – I am drawn to books that have been adapted into films or TV shows. So when I discovered the TV show – starring Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shaileene Woodley, Laura Deen and a host of other famous faces – was based on a book, I knew I had to read it before I would be able to watch the show. The TV show is being raved about by everyone I know who has watched it – I haven’t started to binge yet – and I am not surprised as the book was superb. Over 3 days I laughed, I cried, I sent quotes to my friends and at one point I even threw my kindle across my bed as the twist came as a massive shock to me. After I made it past the halfway point I couldn’t put it down and walked across the road still reading it and for the first time read on the bus on the way back from school. The story follows a group of mothers of kindergarten children in Sydney and tells their story leading up to the murder of one of the parents. It deals with a multitude of issues that women face such as domestic violence, abuse, problems with their children while also depicting female friendship as the incredible force that it is. I couldn’t recommend Big Little Lies highly enough. 

 Sue Monk Kidd – The Secret Life of Bees
I picked this book up in a second hand book shop in Vigo but had planned to read it later and try to read a book in Spanish first but when Katie said she had read it and loved it, I decided to start reading it straight after I finished Big Little Lies. I read it in 2 sittings – 2 3 and a half hour long but still – and it was an absolutely stunning read. It is set in South Carolina in the 60s and follows the story of Lily Owens who runs away from home with her black maid, Rosaleen, and finds refuge in the house of the Boatwright sisters who keep bees and sell the honey. The civil rights movement that was taking place at the time is mentioned throughout – Rosaleen wanting to register to vote, racism, Martin Luther King – the story focuses on Lily’s search for more information about her mother who dies when she was 4 and the importance of female role models. It is an excellent book that I would definitely recommend.


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