The Beginning of the End

In the end the car we had been hoping to rent to drive to the wine festival fell through. We decided to venture to the port where Vigo was having its own Feria but we went at the wrong time. Although every other festival we have been to has not been affected by siesta, this one was and the whole area was dead. We found a patch of grass and drank wine while I made my most successful daisy chain to date.

After a while we decided to check out one of the tents where a group of people were flamenco dancing.

We watched for a while but after accidentally getting a bottle of sherry instead of wine we cut the evening short and split to go and get food. On my way home I watched a group on Principe doing some traditional Galician dancing


before watching a bowl of pesto pasta and watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

I woke up on Sunday feeling a little down so dedicated my morning to reading the second half of the Secret Life of Bees before making creme egg brownies in an attempt to use up a load of my leftover Easter chocolate.

I then spent the afternoon watching Parks and Recreation from the beginning again.

This week has been fairly standard. We all had the day off on Monday and I spent it reading in the balcony and watching TV. Classes have been more of the same – getting the older students to understand the vocabulary in the new unit and making sure the younger students are remembering the vocabulary we’ve been doing all year.

After I finished school on Thursday, I had lunch, showered, got dressed and met Aisling at La Terraza. After we had both had some wine and she had had a crepe we set off towards the stadium where we walked through the crowds a little before meeting up with Clo. We had seen Sienna and some of the other auxiliares on a balcony with a view over the stadium so met them there for another drink. We eventually found Eric and Sofia with prime viewing for the Celta Vigo v Man Utd match at a bar across the street from the stadium. We then spent the next few hours drinking beer, wine and gin while “watching” the match.

We continued drinking after the game had finished – I’m fairly sure I had an argument with some Man U fans about where Durham is – before walking home at about half 1.

The rest of the weekend has been a complete write off. I spent all day Friday in bed rewatching Parks and Recreation with one of the worst hangovers I’ve had in a while which then meant I ended up with a migraine on Saturday. After a bath and spending the entire evening reading I thought Sunday would be my day but just as I was getting ready to sleep I started to feel a tickle in my throat. That tickle has grown into a full blown cough/head cold so although the weather is absolutely gorgeous today, I can’t bear to sit in the heat for more than 15 minutes. Hopefully it turns out to be a 24 hour thing so I can make it through this week before my 6 day “weekend” next week.


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