Cough Up

My cough was unfortunately not a 24 hour thing and has been growing ever worse since I published my last post on Sunday. It also means I have done little but the bare minimum this week meaning that this post is likely to be my shortest and dullest to date but I am committed to finishing this year having published a post a week, so here we go.

The weather this week started out very warm but humid so instead of being able to enjoy the heat, it was vastly uncomfortable and I couldn’t wait to be inside. On Tuesday evening it took a turn and has been nonstop heavy showers since interspersed with thunderstorms- great.

Due to the bad weather – or just because I am a TV addict – I have watched a few series on Netflix this week that have been excellent. I would highly recommend Dear White People, Lovesick and Master of None – New York, I Love You is one of the best episodes of any programme I’ve seen in ages – all excellently written, funny, emotional.

School this week has been fairly ordinary although I have taught a few more classes alone with teachers being away but they’ve been fine – neither drastic nor perfect classes. On Wednesday the primary classes had a breakfast to promote having a healthy, balanced breakfast. By now, I knew not to expect anything small but they outdid themselves once again.

There was fruit, yoghurt, pancakes, cereal, bizcocho, biscuits, fruit and vegetable juices, tortilla, fried eggs, cheese and of course jamón. It was excellent and massively improved my Wednesday morning.

I am off school until Thursday and Roisin arrives on Wednesday morning so more exciting things to come in next week’s post.


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