Sister, Sister.

Saturday saw the cheesiest evening of the year with this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Katie and I ordered pizza, cracked open a few bottles of wine and settled down to laugh at this year’s competition – and Graham Norton’s catty commentary.


As usual, it was full of some absolutely mad performers and yet again the performance that won was nowhere near my favourite of the evening.

I spent Sunday sorting some of the things I need for New York like applying for my ESTA and buying some dollars. I then spent hours looking at restaurants for places to eat while I’m there for the week and continued adding to my to do list. The whole thing has made me very excited and I can’t believe how quickly it has come around.

As I was off school till Thursday I tried to make the most of the beginning of my week. I met Katie Cav and Sergio for breakfast – at a place that is opposite where my Mam, Dad and Auntie Ailsa will be staying in a few weeks – before heading up Gran Via in search of some good juice or a smoothie. We ended up at Sesamo where I had an excellent orange, carrot and ginger juice before we walked to the Castro and read in the sun – excellent way to spend a Monday afternoon.


As Katie Cav was also off on Tuesday we decided to take a trip to Pontevedra as I hadn’t been yet and she had been a few times so knew where to head. We took buses from different places hoping that it would be the same bus but I ended up on the 1hr 10 minute bus that avoids the motorway instead of the 25 minute route. When I eventually made it to Pontevedra we began our trip with a smoothie that was nice but the balance of fruit to yoghurt was off making it unnecessarily creamy. We then walked further into the old town for some lunch. The whole thing became one seriously confusing ordeal which ultimately ended in an insanely cheap lunch of wine, croquettas, ribs and chips for €4.40. We then walked along the river before heading back to where we had had the smoothies for cocktails and an excellent kinder Bueno waffle – dreamy.


We took the bus back to Vigo where Katie and I had tea before heading to a bar just off our street to meet up with a group of the other auxiliares. The bar didn’t have wine – no idea why, this is Spain – so after ordering a classic huge G+T, we sat down to chat for a while before starting a game of ping-pong – which I lost.


This was quickly followed by a game of table football – which I lost – before a game of doubles pool – which Jennie and I won!

Katie and I woke up early-ish on Wednesday morning and headed to the airport but we were there over an hour earlier than necessary so we drank €4 orange juice and used our language learning apps. After about half an hour we began to notice the airport was getting very busy. It turned out the Madrid football team were flying in a few hours later and the people of Vigo were fully committed to seeing them. Fortunately there was still a little space by the arrivals door and Roisin arrived before the team did.


We took a taxi back to the flat where we had lunch before walking to the Castro where we had a walk around, listened to the music blasting from one of the cruise ships in the port and went on the swings and see-saw at the park.

We dropped into Supercor – as it’s the only shop that is open on festival days – where Roisin and I stocked up on cava and snacks for the evening. Once back in the flat Roisin and I watched old SMTV:Live clips before she and Katie napped and I made brownies. I then made salsa and fajitas before making sure they both weren’t still sleeping 2 and a half hours later. We enjoyed fajitas and cava before having a throwback/musical sing-a-long.

Unfortunately, I had to work on Thursday morning. Fortunately, it was only for 2 hours. Unfortunately, I wasn’t really needed for either class. Fortunately, it meant the classes were easy – can’t really complain. I was back in the flat by 12 and after some lunch of croquettas we took the bus to Samil. It was pretty windy so after Katie took the bus back to the flat, Roisin and I moved into a bar for some cocktails. We must’ve been waiting for about 40 minutes but when they eventually arrived they were stronger than any cocktail I’ve had in my life.

We took the bus back to the flat, got changed and started walking to Creperie Bretonne for crep-ursday – Sofia was in Portugal on Wednesday and as this was our penultimate week we decided to switch days. The owner was working and was unwilling to give us more than one filling while still getting the deal – hopefully he’s not working next Wednesday. Aisling joined us as well and after Roisin and I recreated an old photo we walked to the old town for drinks.


A few drinks turned into multiple glasses of wine and singing Disney and Les Mis songs in the corner of Taberna A Mina before Katie and Roisin lost over a tea cup terrier. We went to meet a few others in another bar but after some really bad wine we left after one drink.

On our way back to the flat we decided to grab some food, as it was nearly 3 o’clock, everything was closed but McDonald’s. We had to go through the drive-thru which meant one guy had to deal with nonsense babbling from Katie as she ordered – a chicken sharing box which was not what she wanted. We quickly ate once back in the flat before going to bed.

It took us a while to get up on Friday morning but once we were awake we got dressed and headed to the bus station to take a bus to Santiago de Compostela. We all spent most of the journey napping and on arriving, realised Roisin was getting hangry so stopped at one of the first places we came across for some food. We stuffed ourselves with burgers/chicken/pork and chips before realising it was 4.05 and Katie had to be on the 5.00 bus back to Vigo. We power-walked to the cathedral – 10 minutes inside, 10 minutes outside – snapped some photos and began walking back to the bus station.


We made it with 5 minutes to spare and very quickly fell asleep on the bus back. Once back in the flat Roisin packed up her stuff before we spent the evening watching the beginning of 22 Jump Street and the first half of Les Miserables with Katie.

We got up at 8.30 on Saturday morning, quickly dressed and headed to the bus stop – via Froiz for some croissants – and made it to the airport in plenty of time. After buying some souvenirs we said our goodbyes and I took the buses back to the flat. I spent yesterday napping and watching Brooklyn Nine Nine before Katie and I met the group by the port for some drinks. They had been out for a while but we had a few G+Ts, Katie had some croquettas before we headed home to eat tea and go to bed.

After an awful night’s sleep because of my cough I have spent the day in the flat watching more TV and beginning a new book. Tomorrow is the first day of my last full week at work and I am still in complete shock at how quickly the time has flown. Only 17 days left of my time here and I am determined to fill it as much as possible.


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