How Lucky I Am To Have Something That Makes Saying Goodbye So Hard

This week was the beginning of having to say goodbye to some of the amazing friends I’ve made while living in Vigo so has consisted mostly of going out and spending the following day doing very little. Katie and I had planned to do a few exciting things over the weekend but every plan was quashed by bad transport – no ferries to San Simon, late bus back from Porto. 
My time at school was fairly uneventful- plenty of cancelled classes due to missing teachers and extra things going on – and it passed without too much bother. 

On Wednesday I met Katie after her Spanish class and we did a little shopping before heading to Creperie Bretonne for our final crepe-nesday with Sofia. As it was our last crepe-nesday we decided to open the invitation up to a larger group and ended up with 9 people enjoying crepes, drinking wine and drawing pictures – excellent evening. 

On Thursday we all joined Sofia for her final meal in Vigo – Italian, obviously- at La Tagliatella. The pasta was excellent and we shared a prosecco sangria that was incredible. 

 We then walked to a bar just off Principe where we had some more drinks before heading home.

I spent most of Friday a little hungover but in an attempt to watch as little TV as possible I decided to paint the Islas Cíes with some watercolours I’d bought in Tiger a few weeks ago – finally getting used to using them. After showing Katie she asked if I could paint one for her too but bigger. I was apprehensive as replicating it did not seem like something I would be able to pull off but it actually ended up better as I was able to be more precise with the silhouette of the Islands. 

After tea, Katie and I got dressed and met up with the group for goodbye drinks for Stacie who was leaving on Saturday morning. We had a few glasses of wine at Imperial – they bring an incredible amount of tapas with drinks – before walking to Millenium. Pros of Millenium are that it is really close to our house and they have plenty of games while the biggest con is that they don’t have wine – at least a G+T is only 4.50. We played connect 4, gin rummy and bullshit before walking the short distance to our flat. 

Katie and I spent most of Saturday morning doing absolutely nothing before we got our act together and went shopping where Katie bought a few new items of clothing and we got a present for Sienna’s birthday. We both had failed attempts to nap once back in the flat before we got dressed and walked to Jennie and Clo’s who were hosting the predrinks. We played some games, I drank a boatload of gin, sang Happy Birthday to Sienna as it turned 12 and failed to sing along to Despacito. 

We walked towards Churruca where we went to a 70s bar before heading to Boom Boom Room where we stayed until about half 3 at which point Katie and I left to get food before taking a taxi home. 

Katie and I then spent Sunday watching TV, napping and eating pizza – ideal hungover Sunday – while Leyre cleaned the entire flat and baked bizcocho. 

This week will see a host more goodbyes, my last day at school and the arrival of my Mam, Dad and Auntie Alisa. 


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