May – Truly Madly Guilty, My Husband’s Secret

May began as a month where I thought I was going to get loads read but after spending weeks trying to read Eat Pray Love, in the end I only managed to complete 2 books. I had wanted to read Eat Pray Love for a while as many people had said they had loved it, it was slow to begin but I enjoyed the section in Italy – all those food descriptions – but once she made it to Indonesia I found the voice unbearable and the descriptions of meditation dull and monotonous. So I gave up and left the book in Spain. Less about that and more about the books I actually managed to finish. As the last 3 books I have read have been written by the same author it has meant that I have compared all of them against each other.

Liane Moriarty – Truly Madly Guilty

I had had this on my reading list for a while after it was recommended to me by a friend but after reading Big Little Lies it jumped up quite a few places. It was a slower read than Big Little Lies – although I still managed to read it in less than a week – but once I hit the halfway point I was gripped and finished it in one evening. It is written in a similar way to Big Little Lies in that it follows 2 timelines – leading to and after a big unknown event. It was excellent and I would definitely recommend it but I don’t think it is as good as Big Little Lies.
Liane Moriarty- My Husband’s Secret

My Husband’s Secret was my least favourite of the 3 but was again very easy to read so was perfect for between classes and reading at the beach. This was similar to the previous Moriarty books I had read in that it tells the story up to an event and after but differs in that the “event” in question was decades before the rest of the story. It would be worth a read if you’ve nothing else but not one I would be telling people to run and buy.


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