June – You Can’t Touch My Hair

Between travelling around Galicia with my family, moving home again after 8 months and a trip to New York I didn’t find as much time to read as I normally do but the one book I managed to read was glorious enough to make up for it.

Phoebe Robinson – You Can’t Touch My Hair: And Other Things I Still Have To Explain

I had been wanting to read Phoebe Robinson’s collection of essays/memoir since I discovered her on Instagram through Ilana Glazer. I had found it on Amazon but was working my way through a pile of other books and it wasn’t all that cheap. However when I walked into Strand books in New York I realised I would probably be able to get it a little cheaper and went off in search for it. It turned out it had been upstairs just as you walk in the door but looking for it hadn’t exactly been a chore. I started reading it that afternoon as I was waiting for Cat to finish work and knew almost immediately it had been worth tracking down. Phoebe talks about her life growing up and becoming a comedian and how being a black female affected certain things she did. She also ends her book with a collection of letters to her 2 year old niece which are especially glorious. I cried, I laughed and I will be recommending it to everyone till I die.


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