July – Shoes For Anthony

Although I was on holiday for the last week of July I didn’t manage to read as much as I had originally hoped. I took 4 books with me, bought another 4 in charity shops in the first few days yet still only managed to read half a book. I did, however, listen to an entire book with my family while driving around Northern Ireland. Prior to going on holiday we decided to borrow some audiobooks from the library and despite 2 of them being duds that we couldn’t listen to for more than 15 minutes, one was glorious.

Emma Kennedy – Shoes For Anthony

My Dad picked this after a number of the books he had reserved did not arrive in time and as he and I had both read The Tent, The Bucket and Me – and loved it – he thought this would be a good choice for our long car rides. He wasn’t wrong. The book follows a young boy Anthony who lives in a small mining village in Wales during the Second World War. The audiobook is read by Emma Kennedy herself and it was a joy to listen to, especially – and this came as a surprise to me – the accents. By the end of the story we were close to taking it into the house so we could continue listening to it. We had guessed one of the twists but we did not anticipate the turn it was going to take, nor did guessing this take anything away from the joy of listening to it. Shoes For Anthony would be an excellent read but I would definitely recommend getting a hold of the audiobook if you can!


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