August – Brooklyn

Despite reading the beginning of a few books in August I have only finished one which is why this post only includes Brooklyn. Hopefully by the end of September I will have finished all the books I’ve started and maybe a few more.

Colm Toibin – Brooklyn

I had wanted to read this since I had first seen the film advertised and realised it was based on a book. However I did seem to constantly forget about it and it wasn’t until I found the book at my Grandma’s that I decided to borrow it and finally get round to reading it. I enjoyed the book immensely and devoured it over 3 evenings – during my social media cleanse so nothing to distract me. It follows Eilis as she moves from her village in Ireland to Brooklyn for better opportunities during the 1950s. As with most books that are turned into films, there was a mountain more description in the book and I did find myself constantly comparing the two despite only having the seen film once over a year ago. I did however find Eilis a lot more likeable in the film than towards the end of the book when I seemed to be forever internally screaming –spoiler alert – “Get your arse back to your husband in Brooklyn!” This is not to say that the characters weren’t likeable and I felt the casting of them in the film did them a mountain of justice. I would definitely recommend this to others who both have and haven’t seen the film and it draws you in to Eilis’ life in a very compelling way – most of the time.


One thought on “August – Brooklyn

  1. I absolutely loved Brooklyn, and like you had no idea the film was based on a book when I first saw it! I think they did a really good job with the film adaptation, and I felt like it stayed pretty true to the book given the time limitations with films.


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