October – Trust

As you keen readers may have noticed I  skipped the September reading post as I ended up not finishing any books during the month – thus not meeting my NYE goal. I read sections of books but found that due to not getting into any of them, I struggled to finish any of them. By the end of October I managed to push through and finally finish the first book in months.

Mike Bullen – Trust

I had picked this up in a charity shop as it was written by the creator of Cold Feet – which I had watched last year and loved. I decided to start reading it as I wanted something that wasn’t too taxing after struggling to get past the halfway point of Hidden Figures because of all the maths and science. It deals with two couples and the effects of cheating on their relationships and families. In the end I finished it but just because I felt the need to finish a book, not because I enjoyed it. It is the first book I have ever completed and immediately put straight into a charity bag. Fortunately I was able to read most of it of over a few days so thankfully I didn’t waste too much time on a book I disliked but it has made me realise I need to stop reading books when I realise I’m not interested.


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