Goodbye 2017

  • I will watch a TV series in Spanish – I haven’t managed to finish a series in Spanish but I have started Chicas de Cable – a drama about the phone operators in Madrid in the 20s – on Netflix and I intend to finish it and watch the second series that has just been put on.
  • I will read at least one book per month – The main purpose of this was to make myself read more generally throughout the year, which definitely worked, but there were a few months where I ended up reading nothing which I hope I am able to rectify next year and ensure I don’t go quite as long without reading.
  • I will read a book in Spanish – This didn’t happen. I bought myself and Agatha Christie novel in a second hand bookshop in the hope that if it was something I would probably read in English I would feel more encouraged to read it in Spanish but that didn’t work. I read 2 pages of it a few weeks ago before bed and then forgot about it again, maybe I’ll finally get round to reading it next year but we shall have to wait and see.
  • I will see more of Spain – In a way this did happen, inadvertently, but it did happen. While living in Spain I got to see more of Galicia and in October I finally visited the south of Spain on a family holiday to Granada. I’m hoping that next year I am able to visit some friends in Spain before they leave in May and see a little more of the country I have called home more than once.
  • I will try to be more adventurous with foods – cooking and eating. – The one thing I can take away from 2017 is that I now eat raw tomatoes which was bound to happen at some point and it probably shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that they were introduced to my diet on toasted bread rubbed with olive oil.
  • I will spend less time on my phone. – In order to tackle this one I had a 2 week cleanse from social media in August that curbed the use of my phone. However, I have definitely found that recently old habits have begun to creep back in so I am planning another break in the New Year.
  • I will try meditation. – I downloaded headspace early on in the year and completed the free 10 day trial but didn’t feel that it helped enough to fork out for the premium.
  • I will watch more sunrises. – Not as many as I would have liked but this will be an ongoing challenge for the rest of my life.
  • I will become more confident in my ability to speak Spanish while continuing to improve it. – I definitely found towards the end of my time in Spain that I had become a lot more relaxed about my Spanish especially around my flatmate and the teachers I worked with at school.
  • I will try not to get too caught up with money – as long as I have the money to pay for my rent and survive I will be fine. – Ugh, money. I’m not sure whether this will ever be entirely possible but I was able to save enough to visit New York and not have to think too much about money while I was there.
  • I will take just as many, if not more, photos and try to actually finish a scrapbook – Anybody who has ever spent any time with me knows that I still take hundreds of photos but I am yet to finish a scrapbook.
  • I will appreciate just how fortunate I am to have the opportunities I have – “2017 has been full of ups and downs” is a phrase I’ve seen everywhere for the past few days as people reflect on the past 12 months. It’s likely that most people feel the same way. 2017 has been absolutely insane for the planet but everybody has those little things that make that insanity more bearable; whether it was a holiday, an engagement, a birth or just more good times with the people you love. Here’s hoping that 2018 is full of more of the good times and less of the bad news and that everybody is able to enjoy the little things that make life great.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye 2017

  1. Love the final 2017 post sweetheart, thank you! If you would like a Spanish travelling companion (Barcelona … April~ish? or more of the south?) I’m in 😗 Happy New Year xoxoxo


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