Time to Say Goodbye

As you avid readers may have realised, I didn’t post last Saturday. As I had posted late the previous week, there wasn’t much to talk about last week so I decided to wait until I had left Spain to do a more lengthy post with all of my adventures with my family after they arrived on Saturday. After my last class with Primary last Tuesday, one of the teachers asked me to head to the Headteacher’s office where I was greeted by all the teachers I had worked with over the 8 months that I working in CPI Panxón. They thanked me for everything, I thanked them for everything and then they gave me an absolutely stunning ceramic necklace that is typical of Galicia. 

I left the school with a full heart and tears eyes. 

My last day passed very quickly as I only teach for two hours, both with the same class and then I was gone. I spent just over an hour in Panxón on the beach, watching the waves for the final time and eating some excellent ice cream. In the evening Katie and I decided to go for one final crepe-nesday and invited Leyre to join us. We all went for savoury and sweet crepe which were delightful before heading back to the flat where Katie packed for her trip to Barcelona. 

I spent Thursday and Friday doing some preliminary packing and cleaning but mostly just lay in bed watching more Brooklyn Nine-Nine. On Friday evening I met what was left of the group for drinks. It was great to see most of them before they left and I left just after 12 as they all headed down to Churruca to continue their drinks. 

I got up on Friday with the intention of meeting my parents at the airport. Their flight was delayed so I had a lot more time to sort myself out before heading for the bus. The first bus I had to take was late meaning I missed the bus into the airport. I waited for the next one and managed to make it with 5 minutes to spare – and after a quick catch up with Jennie who was meeting her boyfriend before setting off to do El Camino – my parents and Auntie Ailsa arrived. We picked up the hire car and drove back to the hotel where they checked in and we went out for some lunch. We then walked down to the port where we had a few drinks before walking back to the hotel for a nap before tea. 

We decided on a tapas tea with a few glasses of wine/beer before I walked back to the flat. 

We decided to drive up to Santiago on Sunday morning which turned out to be both a great and awful idea – it was heaving as there were tonnes of people there for Mass, a bike race and a fun run. We headed straight for the Cathedral but on entering realised that we had just walked into the beginning of a service so after staying for about 10 minutes we decided to leave, have a walk around and return when it was easier to have a wander around. We went for some coffees before walking to a park where I had hoped to go on the Ferris wheel but it wasn’t running. We then went for some lunch where we were treated to dinner entertainment from a group of drummers who were parading through the streets. After an ice cream we walked back to the Cathedral where we were able to walk around properly before we walked back to the car. 

We then drove on to Ezaro which is one of the endings for the Camino and we were treated to amazing views and it made me realise just how much I was going to miss Galicia. We drove back to Vigo along the coast and after a small rest headed to La Tagliatella for tea – more excellent pasta and prosecco sangria.

My school had asked me back to the school so on Monday we drove there for the final time. I took them on a tour of the school and we met the teachers and some of the students before walking down to the beach for coffee and churros. We then drove to Monteferro where we enjoyed the views over Baiona before driving there for a wander and lunch at the Parador. The lunch was expensive and not as nice as we would have hoped. We drove back to Vigo along the coast via Tui before my Mam and I packed up all of my stuff. As it was my Dad’s birthday on Monday I had booked a table at Casa Marco which is no.1 in Vigo on TripAdvisor. I was apprehensive about finding something I would want to eat but everything was incredible. We started with a pineapple soup with jamón pieces which was an absolute delight – and I don’t like pineapple. Mam and I then shared a chicken and apple salad that was scattered with nuts and covered in a honey and mustard dressing while Dad and Ailsa shared a filo pastry parcel that was full of beef and mushrooms in a bechamel sauce. I then had veal with apple and banana, Mam and Dad had veal with a cheese sauce and Ailsa had hake. After our mains I caught the attention of a waitress and asked them to surprise my Dad with a candle even if he didn’t want dessert. He ordered a cream cheese dessert which was accompanied by the entire restaurant singing happy birthday in Spanish – I had a mandarin sorbet with cava that was incredible. 

We also washed all this down with 2 bottles of Albariño and in the end the meal was only 1 Euro more expensive than our lunch in the Parador where nobody had had more than 2 courses, we hadn’t had any alcohol and the food was nowhere near as good. 

We got up quite early on Tuesday and after breakfast we drive to Praia de As Catedraias which is on the north coast of Galicia. Unfortunately I had totally forgotten to look up tide times so we arrived just as the tide was starting to rush in so after a quick walk along along the beach we walked back up and had some lunch in the cafe. As Dad had a nap to rest for the drive back to Vigo, we walked along the coastal walk for some better views of the cliffs and luckily it was an absolutely beautiful day. 

We drove back to the hotel where we all packed up as much as of our stuff as we could before heading out for tea. We had hoped to go for crepes but I hadn’t realised that Creperie Bretonne don’t open on an evening on Mondays and Tuesdays. Katie joined us and we headed out for more tapas and despite a minor chorizo incidents- fat spurting all over Mam’s white top – we had a lovely evening. Katie and I then walked to La Fondue where we met up with Sienna and Aisling before heading back to the flat to sleep. 

Katie joined us again for breakfast and after saying goodbye we were on our way to the airport for the end of my time in Vigo. I had an absolutely incredible time, met some amazing people – hopefully some will be friends for life – drank so much good wine – as well as some bad wine – and ate some excellent food. Ya te echo de menos Galicia. 


How Lucky I Am To Have Something That Makes Saying Goodbye So Hard

This week was the beginning of having to say goodbye to some of the amazing friends I’ve made while living in Vigo so has consisted mostly of going out and spending the following day doing very little. Katie and I had planned to do a few exciting things over the weekend but every plan was quashed by bad transport – no ferries to San Simon, late bus back from Porto. 
My time at school was fairly uneventful- plenty of cancelled classes due to missing teachers and extra things going on – and it passed without too much bother. 

On Wednesday I met Katie after her Spanish class and we did a little shopping before heading to Creperie Bretonne for our final crepe-nesday with Sofia. As it was our last crepe-nesday we decided to open the invitation up to a larger group and ended up with 9 people enjoying crepes, drinking wine and drawing pictures – excellent evening. 

On Thursday we all joined Sofia for her final meal in Vigo – Italian, obviously- at La Tagliatella. The pasta was excellent and we shared a prosecco sangria that was incredible. 

 We then walked to a bar just off Principe where we had some more drinks before heading home.

I spent most of Friday a little hungover but in an attempt to watch as little TV as possible I decided to paint the Islas Cíes with some watercolours I’d bought in Tiger a few weeks ago – finally getting used to using them. After showing Katie she asked if I could paint one for her too but bigger. I was apprehensive as replicating it did not seem like something I would be able to pull off but it actually ended up better as I was able to be more precise with the silhouette of the Islands. 

After tea, Katie and I got dressed and met up with the group for goodbye drinks for Stacie who was leaving on Saturday morning. We had a few glasses of wine at Imperial – they bring an incredible amount of tapas with drinks – before walking to Millenium. Pros of Millenium are that it is really close to our house and they have plenty of games while the biggest con is that they don’t have wine – at least a G+T is only 4.50. We played connect 4, gin rummy and bullshit before walking the short distance to our flat. 

Katie and I spent most of Saturday morning doing absolutely nothing before we got our act together and went shopping where Katie bought a few new items of clothing and we got a present for Sienna’s birthday. We both had failed attempts to nap once back in the flat before we got dressed and walked to Jennie and Clo’s who were hosting the predrinks. We played some games, I drank a boatload of gin, sang Happy Birthday to Sienna as it turned 12 and failed to sing along to Despacito. 

We walked towards Churruca where we went to a 70s bar before heading to Boom Boom Room where we stayed until about half 3 at which point Katie and I left to get food before taking a taxi home. 

Katie and I then spent Sunday watching TV, napping and eating pizza – ideal hungover Sunday – while Leyre cleaned the entire flat and baked bizcocho. 

This week will see a host more goodbyes, my last day at school and the arrival of my Mam, Dad and Auntie Alisa. 

Sister, Sister.

Saturday saw the cheesiest evening of the year with this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Katie and I ordered pizza, cracked open a few bottles of wine and settled down to laugh at this year’s competition – and Graham Norton’s catty commentary.


As usual, it was full of some absolutely mad performers and yet again the performance that won was nowhere near my favourite of the evening.

I spent Sunday sorting some of the things I need for New York like applying for my ESTA and buying some dollars. I then spent hours looking at restaurants for places to eat while I’m there for the week and continued adding to my to do list. The whole thing has made me very excited and I can’t believe how quickly it has come around.

As I was off school till Thursday I tried to make the most of the beginning of my week. I met Katie Cav and Sergio for breakfast – at a place that is opposite where my Mam, Dad and Auntie Ailsa will be staying in a few weeks – before heading up Gran Via in search of some good juice or a smoothie. We ended up at Sesamo where I had an excellent orange, carrot and ginger juice before we walked to the Castro and read in the sun – excellent way to spend a Monday afternoon.


As Katie Cav was also off on Tuesday we decided to take a trip to Pontevedra as I hadn’t been yet and she had been a few times so knew where to head. We took buses from different places hoping that it would be the same bus but I ended up on the 1hr 10 minute bus that avoids the motorway instead of the 25 minute route. When I eventually made it to Pontevedra we began our trip with a smoothie that was nice but the balance of fruit to yoghurt was off making it unnecessarily creamy. We then walked further into the old town for some lunch. The whole thing became one seriously confusing ordeal which ultimately ended in an insanely cheap lunch of wine, croquettas, ribs and chips for €4.40. We then walked along the river before heading back to where we had had the smoothies for cocktails and an excellent kinder Bueno waffle – dreamy.


We took the bus back to Vigo where Katie and I had tea before heading to a bar just off our street to meet up with a group of the other auxiliares. The bar didn’t have wine – no idea why, this is Spain – so after ordering a classic huge G+T, we sat down to chat for a while before starting a game of ping-pong – which I lost.


This was quickly followed by a game of table football – which I lost – before a game of doubles pool – which Jennie and I won!

Katie and I woke up early-ish on Wednesday morning and headed to the airport but we were there over an hour earlier than necessary so we drank €4 orange juice and used our language learning apps. After about half an hour we began to notice the airport was getting very busy. It turned out the Madrid football team were flying in a few hours later and the people of Vigo were fully committed to seeing them. Fortunately there was still a little space by the arrivals door and Roisin arrived before the team did.


We took a taxi back to the flat where we had lunch before walking to the Castro where we had a walk around, listened to the music blasting from one of the cruise ships in the port and went on the swings and see-saw at the park.

We dropped into Supercor – as it’s the only shop that is open on festival days – where Roisin and I stocked up on cava and snacks for the evening. Once back in the flat Roisin and I watched old SMTV:Live clips before she and Katie napped and I made brownies. I then made salsa and fajitas before making sure they both weren’t still sleeping 2 and a half hours later. We enjoyed fajitas and cava before having a throwback/musical sing-a-long.

Unfortunately, I had to work on Thursday morning. Fortunately, it was only for 2 hours. Unfortunately, I wasn’t really needed for either class. Fortunately, it meant the classes were easy – can’t really complain. I was back in the flat by 12 and after some lunch of croquettas we took the bus to Samil. It was pretty windy so after Katie took the bus back to the flat, Roisin and I moved into a bar for some cocktails. We must’ve been waiting for about 40 minutes but when they eventually arrived they were stronger than any cocktail I’ve had in my life.

We took the bus back to the flat, got changed and started walking to Creperie Bretonne for crep-ursday – Sofia was in Portugal on Wednesday and as this was our penultimate week we decided to switch days. The owner was working and was unwilling to give us more than one filling while still getting the deal – hopefully he’s not working next Wednesday. Aisling joined us as well and after Roisin and I recreated an old photo we walked to the old town for drinks.


A few drinks turned into multiple glasses of wine and singing Disney and Les Mis songs in the corner of Taberna A Mina before Katie and Roisin lost over a tea cup terrier. We went to meet a few others in another bar but after some really bad wine we left after one drink.

On our way back to the flat we decided to grab some food, as it was nearly 3 o’clock, everything was closed but McDonald’s. We had to go through the drive-thru which meant one guy had to deal with nonsense babbling from Katie as she ordered – a chicken sharing box which was not what she wanted. We quickly ate once back in the flat before going to bed.

It took us a while to get up on Friday morning but once we were awake we got dressed and headed to the bus station to take a bus to Santiago de Compostela. We all spent most of the journey napping and on arriving, realised Roisin was getting hangry so stopped at one of the first places we came across for some food. We stuffed ourselves with burgers/chicken/pork and chips before realising it was 4.05 and Katie had to be on the 5.00 bus back to Vigo. We power-walked to the cathedral – 10 minutes inside, 10 minutes outside – snapped some photos and began walking back to the bus station.


We made it with 5 minutes to spare and very quickly fell asleep on the bus back. Once back in the flat Roisin packed up her stuff before we spent the evening watching the beginning of 22 Jump Street and the first half of Les Miserables with Katie.

We got up at 8.30 on Saturday morning, quickly dressed and headed to the bus stop – via Froiz for some croissants – and made it to the airport in plenty of time. After buying some souvenirs we said our goodbyes and I took the buses back to the flat. I spent yesterday napping and watching Brooklyn Nine Nine before Katie and I met the group by the port for some drinks. They had been out for a while but we had a few G+Ts, Katie had some croquettas before we headed home to eat tea and go to bed.

After an awful night’s sleep because of my cough I have spent the day in the flat watching more TV and beginning a new book. Tomorrow is the first day of my last full week at work and I am still in complete shock at how quickly the time has flown. Only 17 days left of my time here and I am determined to fill it as much as possible.

Cough Up

My cough was unfortunately not a 24 hour thing and has been growing ever worse since I published my last post on Sunday. It also means I have done little but the bare minimum this week meaning that this post is likely to be my shortest and dullest to date but I am committed to finishing this year having published a post a week, so here we go.

The weather this week started out very warm but humid so instead of being able to enjoy the heat, it was vastly uncomfortable and I couldn’t wait to be inside. On Tuesday evening it took a turn and has been nonstop heavy showers since interspersed with thunderstorms- great.

Due to the bad weather – or just because I am a TV addict – I have watched a few series on Netflix this week that have been excellent. I would highly recommend Dear White People, Lovesick and Master of None – New York, I Love You is one of the best episodes of any programme I’ve seen in ages – all excellently written, funny, emotional.

School this week has been fairly ordinary although I have taught a few more classes alone with teachers being away but they’ve been fine – neither drastic nor perfect classes. On Wednesday the primary classes had a breakfast to promote having a healthy, balanced breakfast. By now, I knew not to expect anything small but they outdid themselves once again.

There was fruit, yoghurt, pancakes, cereal, bizcocho, biscuits, fruit and vegetable juices, tortilla, fried eggs, cheese and of course jamón. It was excellent and massively improved my Wednesday morning.

I am off school until Thursday and Roisin arrives on Wednesday morning so more exciting things to come in next week’s post.

The Beginning of the End

In the end the car we had been hoping to rent to drive to the wine festival fell through. We decided to venture to the port where Vigo was having its own Feria but we went at the wrong time. Although every other festival we have been to has not been affected by siesta, this one was and the whole area was dead. We found a patch of grass and drank wine while I made my most successful daisy chain to date.

After a while we decided to check out one of the tents where a group of people were flamenco dancing.

We watched for a while but after accidentally getting a bottle of sherry instead of wine we cut the evening short and split to go and get food. On my way home I watched a group on Principe doing some traditional Galician dancing


before watching a bowl of pesto pasta and watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

I woke up on Sunday feeling a little down so dedicated my morning to reading the second half of the Secret Life of Bees before making creme egg brownies in an attempt to use up a load of my leftover Easter chocolate.

I then spent the afternoon watching Parks and Recreation from the beginning again.

This week has been fairly standard. We all had the day off on Monday and I spent it reading in the balcony and watching TV. Classes have been more of the same – getting the older students to understand the vocabulary in the new unit and making sure the younger students are remembering the vocabulary we’ve been doing all year.

After I finished school on Thursday, I had lunch, showered, got dressed and met Aisling at La Terraza. After we had both had some wine and she had had a crepe we set off towards the stadium where we walked through the crowds a little before meeting up with Clo. We had seen Sienna and some of the other auxiliares on a balcony with a view over the stadium so met them there for another drink. We eventually found Eric and Sofia with prime viewing for the Celta Vigo v Man Utd match at a bar across the street from the stadium. We then spent the next few hours drinking beer, wine and gin while “watching” the match.

We continued drinking after the game had finished – I’m fairly sure I had an argument with some Man U fans about where Durham is – before walking home at about half 1.

The rest of the weekend has been a complete write off. I spent all day Friday in bed rewatching Parks and Recreation with one of the worst hangovers I’ve had in a while which then meant I ended up with a migraine on Saturday. After a bath and spending the entire evening reading I thought Sunday would be my day but just as I was getting ready to sleep I started to feel a tickle in my throat. That tickle has grown into a full blown cough/head cold so although the weather is absolutely gorgeous today, I can’t bear to sit in the heat for more than 15 minutes. Hopefully it turns out to be a 24 hour thing so I can make it through this week before my 6 day “weekend” next week.

You Say Tomato, I Say Salsa

After tea last week, Katie and I settled down to watch Fantastic Beasts. After 20 minutes Katie left saying it wasn’t what she was expecting and she didn’t think she was going to like it. I, on the other hand, absolutely loved it. Everything about it was excellent and when Newt was showing all the creatures to Jacob I was massively disappointed that I hadn’t been able to see it at the cinema, on a bigger screen. 

The weather was nice again on Sunday but as I wasn’t feeling 100% I decided to stay in the flat but enjoyed relaxing in the sun on our balcony. I’ve recently started eating tomatoes so this week for lunch I have mostly been eating toast rubbed with garlic and covered in tomatoes, sometimes with jamón – so much that I am probably going to turn into a tomato before I return to England – and it has been excellent, especially in this weather. 

After a while Katie wanted to get out of the flat and the plan was to head to the beach but after getting to the bus stop we found we’d not long missed a bus. We walked to La Terraza for a drink where it was gorgeous to sit in the sun but when we got the bill we were once again reminded why we don’t go more often. We popped in to one of the few shops that is open on a Sunday and treated ourselves to an ice cream – treat for doing absolutely nothing in my case. I then spent the rest of the evening watching the IT crowd. 

Monday morning meant the first “full” week of school in a while but again the classes have been fairly easy for me. Secondary classes have all either had exams or have been revising for exams so I was just making sure they knew the vocabulary and the grammar structures that were going to be on the exams. As Monday was the day after World Book Day Primary classes had a reading class on the beach where older students read to the younger ones. 

While waiting for the bus I was also lucky enough to watch a pod of dolphins swimming in the bay which was incredible – the camera on my phone is horrendous as soon as you start to zoom so there are no pictures. 

On Wednesday I got off the bus a stop earlier and dropped into a second hand book shop off Gran Via – 1 book €3.90, 2 books €7 and 4 books €12 – where i spent a good half an hour just looking at books before buying 4 books – some in English and some in Spanish. In the evening we were joined by Katie Cav for yet another glorious crepe-nesday – not quite as wine filled as last week.

I spent most of Thursday reading – between classes, waiting for the bus, on the bus, in the flat – before making my own salsa and enjoying a gin to celebrate the beginning of a 4 day weekend. 

Friday was exactly the kind of chilled day I needed and I spent most of the afternoon reading on our balcony – missed a spot on my back when I was putting sun cream on so I have a nice red patch – before catching up on Peter Kay’s car share and Our Friend Victoria – laughter is so good for the soul and I felt glorious for the rest of the evening. 

Today a few of us have rented a car and are heading to a village outside of Ourense for a wine festival which I am very excited about. Next week will also see the beginning of my last month in Vigo – days are flying. 

The Last Leg

I woke up earlyish on Sunday morning as I had to pack before heading out and wanted to make krispie cakes. As I walked down the stairs I began spotting chocolate eggs in odd places around the hall. It became clear when I walked in to the living room that my dad had prepared an Easter egg hunt around the house after I had mentioned that I had told the students at school about the Ines we used to have when we were younger. I woke Niall up and we split to cover more area as we used to – Dad had even hidden one in the microwave and one in the egg bowl as he always used to – a morning well spent. I then made the Easter nests – with shredded wheat – and finally remembered to use the Beatrix Potter cake cases I had bought 4 years ago in the lakes. 

After we were ready and dresses, my mam and I drove to my Grandma’s to say goodbye before we set off to my Auntie Fiona’s and Uncle Dave’s with my Dad for an Easter BBQ. Despite the rain we had a lovely afternoon eating lots of delicious food, watching Heidi on her Easter egg hunt, catching up with family and, of course, drinking prosecco. 

I had to get up at 5 on Monday and Dad drove me to the station to catch my train – and start the first part of my day long journey back to Vigo. It was one of those days where nothing went badly but nothing felt like it was going as smoothly or as well as it could have. I had managed to buy a First Class ticket for only an extra 5p but I got on and found that there was no one on board which meant I couldn’t take advantage of the complimentary cups of tea. I didn’t have much time once I was through security so grabbed a Boots meal deal and headed to the screens to wait for gate information. The flight passed quite quickly after I spent it watching more Skins and managed to doze off. I had booked a ticket for the 6.00 bus but as the plane landed 5 minutes before the previous one I decided to see if I could catch it. I raced through the airport only to find the bus was still waiting there but was already full. This then meant I had 4 hours to wait in the airport and spent it watching the IT crowd and trying trying not to fall asleep. I was back in Vigo by half 9 and quickly showered before sitting down to watch the final episode of Broadchurch – so intense – and was asleep by half 11. 

My alarm going off at 7 came around way too quickly but luckily my classes haven’t been too taxing. Lots of talking about our Easter breaks with secondary while Primary prepared for the students from Manchester who arrived on Thursday evening. The weather has also continued to pick up so I’ve been back at the beach enjoying my breaks with my book. 

Wednesday saw the return of crepe-new day after a week’s hiatus and it was glorious. I met Sofia before at her flat for some wine and a catch up about our Easter. Ingrid then joined us and we walked to Creperie Bretonne where we all enjoyed excellent crepes. We then ventured back to Sofia’s for more wine and we chatted while Sofia played the ukelele – dreamy. 

Although Fridays are my day off I was asked to go in and help with the welcoming of the children from Manchester and their parents. I took the bus into school and waited in the main hall while it filled up with all of the students from Primary – they each performed a song in English to welcome the group from Manchester. After they had all performed I was asked to translate a welcome from Antonio, the teacher I work with in lower Primary for music – easy Spanish translated into English not too bad at all. It was then that I was asked to translate a thank you from the English headteacher which is where it all started to go a bit wrong – I have no idea what overwhelmed is in Spanish and I’m pretty sure little of it made sense. After that I accompanied the parents on a tour of the school – which included a history of the school and Panxón, most of which I didn’t know – to translate from Spanish into English. The school then held a big breakfast during break time for year 5 and 6 students and all of the visitors which included jamón, cheese, churros and crepes. After break I had to watch over the students as they gave a tour of the school to the English children before they went for lunch and I went home. I spent the afternoon watching more of the IT Crowd before I went out to meet Tierney for a drink. It was lovely to catch up and after chatting about movies for a while we decided to head back to my flat to watch something. We ended up watching About Time – after a mare trying to watch Sleepless in Seattle – but had to cut it short before both of us fell asleep. 

I’ve spent this morning finally sorting my room out again – tidying, changing sheets, etc. – before Katie and I went to Carrefour for a food shop. We had lunch after getting back – I had an excellent curried chicken empanada- and then I sat out on the balcony for a while to enjoy the sunshine. We plan to watch Fantastic Beasts this evening before hopefully having an early night. 

And now, this is it, the last leg of my stay in Vigo. The next time I fly home it will be in June and for good. The last 7 months have flown and I can’t believe how close we are to the end and I will no doubt be spending the next few weeks trying to squeeze in everything I’ve been wanting to do all year – 46 days till I’m flying home and only 20 teaching days left. Time really does fly when you’re having fun.

Good Friday? Glorious Week

In the end alcoholic drinks were started as close to 12 as possible. Else and I spent the morning wandering the Northern Quarter before heading to Slice pizza for an excellent slice of pesto pizza and an aperol spritz.

We then took the tram to Didsbury where we bought some gins in tins before walking to one of Else’s friends’ flat. We chilled for a little before being joined by some more of her friends, buying some snacks and driving to Fletcher Moss park where we spent the afternoon enjoying the sunshine. After the sun disappeared and it started to cool down we went for some food before going to some of the boys’ house where the plan was to play board games but after quickly falling asleep we decided it was probably best to return to Else’s. We spent the evening watching A Knight’s Tale while laughing at how ridiculous it actually is.

We filled Sunday with culture and spent a few hours at the Manchester Art Gallery before stopping for some lunch at the Teacup.

We then walked around Josh Ryland’s library before heading back to Else’s for some gin – we made it 3 which seemed like an achievement after Saturday.

We drank and listened to music on Else’s balcony before meeting some of her friends again for a drink and some food at Almost Famous. Else and I decided to share a Big Bitch which the guy who served us seemed to think would be too much for us – it wasn’t.


We returned home and continued gin drinking and spent the evening watching 50 Shades while again laughing at how ridiculous the film is and repeating Jamie Dornan’s lines with a Northern Irish accent.

I woke up on Monday feeling a little worse for wear but after some water, a shower and a bagel I was feeling better. We had planned to visit Chetham’s library but after it was closed when we arrived we decided to go for some lunch at Pita Pit before wandering around Waterstones – 3 floors and an absolute dream – where Else bought a few books. We then returned to Else’s where after she had a little nap, we drank a bottle of glorious bottle of Rioja and Else made a pasta bake. She then introduced me to Black Mirror before I introduced her to Raised by Wolves – amazing TV, excellent wine and glorious friends make for a perfect evening.

We got up early on Tuesday as I had to catch my train and Else had to go to work. The train journey was pretty quiet and it passed quickly while listening to music and watching more Skins. Rebekah collected me from the station with Mamie and after driving home I watched a little Zootropolis before unpacking and repacking my case ready for a few days in Newcastle with my Mam. Once my Mam and Dad were both back from work we set off where we checked into our hotel. We then set off for the Hilton where we enjoyed a G+T before our meal. After we’d finished eating we headed round to the meeting area and stood in the queue waiting to meet Brian McFadden and Keith Duffy AKA Boyzlife.


They were lovely and after grabbing some seats close to the middle and not too far from the front we decided to start again on the drinks and bought a bottle of prosecco. They wouldn’t let us bring the bottle in so Mam had to keep going out for more – pretty sure we ended up with an extra 2 glasses as Mam was convinced there was too much out of the bottle before he cracked open another. The singing wasn’t perfect but the stories were funny and the atmosphere was excellent.

After the show was finished I was also able to meet Val from Emmerdale  – she loved my blouse and i am defnitely as drunk as I look in that photo – before we walked back to the hotel.



After getting up on Wednesday we walked up to the Alchemist for an excellent breakfast of waffles, bacon and maple syrup with a cup of tea that was served with dry ice.

We then had a wander through Eldon Square before heading to the cinema to see Beauty and the Beast – absolutely joyous, loved it. We went to Pret A Manger for a little lunch before Mam went to get her hair cut and I went to the Laing Art Gallery for a Quentin Blake exhibition. It was full of original Quentin Blake illustrations, had tables for children to draw their own stories and had a corner full of armchairs and loads of books written and illustrated by Quentin Blake – it was perfect.

I would highly recommend Michael Rosen’s Sad Book, so heartbreaking but so beautiful. Once back in the hotel I showered and got dressed and we walked to the Slug and Lettuce for some food before walking to the Sage ready for Aljaz and Janette’s Remembering Fred – despite a technical glitch where half of the lights stopped working it was glorious. We took the bus back to the hotel and very quickly fell asleep.

We got up on Thursday and after packing our stuff together, we checked out of the hotel and went to Cafe Rouge for pancakes for breakfast before walking to catch the bus home. I then spent the rest of the day catching up on TV and trying to nap the day away.

On Good Friday my Dad and I ventured down to Saltburn. We played on the 2p machines and won enough tokens for a How to Train Your Dragon bubble wand and a green ring – definitely worth it. We then walked along the pier, blowing bubbles all over the beach before having excellent fish and chips and getting an ice cream to eat while walking back to the car.

We then spent the rest of the afternoon binge watching the West Wing.

Today has been pretty chilled out and after a trip to see my Grandma and Grandad to wish them a happy anniversary and spent a good half hour sitting on Snapchat with Aodhan and Joe. I’ve then spent my evening watching Sister Act and Moana.

This week has been exceptionally busy but so worth it and absolutely excellent – definitely going to need to detox once I’m back in Vigo next week!

My Best Friend’s Wedding 

On Sunday despite not setting an alarm I was awake by half 8. I spent the morning watching the West Wing marathon on Sky with my Mam and Dad before we were joined by Karen and Gordon for a glorious roast pork dinner followed by chocolate pudding – gravy is the definition of home comfort food. We were then visited by Rebekah and Mamie and after lots of cuddles we spent the evening catching up on more TV. 

I had a very relaxed morning on Monday and had a bath in preparation for the wedding while waiting for Mam to return from work. Once she was back we set off to the Metro Centre in search of shoes. I eventually settled on a pair of sandals in New Look and we treated ourselves to lunch in Carluccio’s – both our starters were excellent but main courses were disappointing. After some more prep for the morning we settled down to watch Broadchurch – this series has been excellent and has kept everyone on their toes since the first episode – before an early night. 

I woke up on Tuesday and after throwing all my stuff into bags headed to Emma’s parents’ house to start getting ready. The other bridesmaids, Beka and Vicky, were already there and preparation was in full flow with hairspray filling the living room. We quickly opened the prosecco and the morning passed quickly and with little stress as Beka had planned everybody’s timings for hair well leaving me with hours to do my make-up – which only takes me about 20 minutes max. After a few disasters with tights and a mini photo shoot in the conservatory, we were sat in a Morris Minor – that matched our dresses perfectly – on our way to Healey Barn. Emma arrived a little after we did with tears already in her eyes and I knew then it was just a matter of time before I started crying myself. The tears started not long after I had walked down aisle and turned around to watch Emma walking down the aisle – it was at that point that the music from UP had the change when Ellie finds out she can’t have children – and I was gone. I spent the rest of the ceremony crying which only seemed to get worse after she officially became Mrs Terrington and I kept turning to Beka saying I couldn’t believe she was actually married. My hand was shaking as I signed the register and my eyes are definitely red and tear filled in the photo of the bride and groom with the witnesses, but I wouldn’t change anything about it. The rest of the day was filled with Pimms, afternoon tea, excellent speeches, sore feet, lots of photos, so much laughter and dancing including Emma and I dancing to Wilson Phillips – Hold On a la Bridesmaids and absolutely loving every second of it. 

The day was perfect and I am forever thankful for such a gorgeous friend as Emma is and to be part of hers and Lee’s special day. 

I woke up quite early on Wednesday but after struggling to walk to the toilet on my now crippled feet I decided some more time in bed was the only plan of action and spent the morning watching Sky Disney and waiting for anyone else to arrive home. Once my Mam was back she drove me to Emma’s parents’ so I could collect all my stuff from the day before and after chatting to her mam for a bit I caught the bus to Newcastle to meet Hannah for crepe-nesday. I dropped my film into Boots and we ate glorious Nutella crepes with smoothies and had an excellent catch up.

Thursday passed quite quickly in a TV, film and wine filled blur that always makes me realise quite how little time I have at home but was definitely needed and enjoyed. 

I finally got my haircut on Friday morning after months of saying it was necessary – so many split ends, so dry – but had to wash it as soon as I was back in the house after she had dried strangely leaving me looking like one of the lads from Hanson. Mam and I then drove to meet my Grandma, Grandad, Rebekah and Mamie before walking to the Burrow in Flint Hill for lunch which was lovely. After more cuddles with Mamie after lunch Mam and I drive home where I packed my case for the weekend before having a little nap. My Dad then drove me to the station and although the train was fairly busy I had a seat booked and passed the time watching Skins and listening to music as the sun set. Else was waiting for me at the station when I arrived and after stopping off at Sainsbury’s for some food, we spent the evening eating pizza and drinking gin and tonics.

The weather looks like it is going to be absolutely glorious today but as of yet we don’t have any solid plans but the chances are alcoholic drinks will be involved at some point. 

Homeward Bound

This week has mostly been a waiting game, counting down the days till Friday when I travelled home. I spent Sunday preparing a presentation about Easter and April Fools for all my classes – same presentation 8 times – which I think most found quite interesting. The ESO classes were spent discussing the differences between Easter in the U.K. And Spain while the presentation with Primary was followed by a quiz. The classes themselves, while pretty repetitive, were fairly easy and the days passed quickly. On Wednesday we finally made it back to Creperie Bretonne for crepe-nesday for the first time in weeks and it was an absolute joy. The crepes were perfect, the chat was excellent and when we left after 9, it was still light outside – dreamy. 

After school, on Thursday I decided to use up some of my eggs before heading home and baked a chocolate cake for the flat. We then spent the evening eating huge bowls of pasta pesto, drinking wine, laughing about our lives and watching Gossip Girl – I am honestly so lucky with the flat mates I ended up with here and I can’t believe how quickly our 8 months together is going. I then went to bed early as I had to catch the bus at 4.30 on Friday morning. 

My alarm went off at 3 as I wanted to make sure I had enough time for any delays in taxis or long snoozes but as expected I was more than early. I arrived at the bus station before 4.00 and there was not a soul around and all the lights were off – the beginning of many a scary film scene – but other people started to arrive not long after 4 and the lights were eventually switched on. There were only about 9 other people on the bus which should have made for a very pleasant drive to Porto but unfortunately the heating was on full blast leaving everybody a little uncomfortable and shifty. When we made it to the airport I had planned to go straight through security but after seeing a queue that was 10x as long as it normally is I decided to find a seat, connect to the Wi-Fi and watch some Gossip Girl while waiting for the queue to disappear. I eventually got through security and after buying a bottle of Tanqueray No. 10 – thank you duty free – and spent the rest of my wait watching Netflix. The plane was a lot quieter than it normally is and after a little nap I spent most of the flight watching Skins. Everything went very smoothly and pretty soon I was walking out of arrivals to be greeted by my Mam and Dad. We started the drive home and stopped in at the Plough at Lupton for a pub lunch 

before a slow drive home surrounded by green fields and baby lambs. We then spent the evening catching up on telly with wine before another early night.

Mam and I spent this morning at Tynemouth Market where I bought a lovely little necklace, some books and had a gorgeous homemade lemonade with a splash of ginger. After driving along the coast we drove to Karen’s where I got the rest of my birthday present 

and tried on some potential shoes for the wedding. We then headed home where we Skyped Roisin and booked flights for her to visit me in Spain at the end of May and spent the rest of the day watching films. 

Next week is due to be busy but I couldn’t be more excited!